Ty DIY Shower Curtain by Grain

Love your new apartment but hate the, um, “retro” pink subway tile in the bathroom? Give a little boost to the place you park your caboose with the Ty DIY shower curtain by Grain. The DIY curtain is just like their other #2 shower curtain, but it also comes with a permanent marker for you to create the powder room masterpiece of your choosing. Lather, rinse, and repeat just got a little less boring.

An added bonus: the curtain is made from a special kind of vinyl that guarantees that your nose hairs won’t be sneezing out an S.O.S. from exposure to noxious fumes. Plus, the material is breathable which means you’re less likely to find your at-home Van Gough the host of a moldy bathtub massacre.


Sold separately is the twelve ring kit of shower curtain rings made of nickle plated brass and fits any shower curtain rod. The rings are made in Florida and the curtain in Washington state where the Grain’s design firm and studio is located.

Available at Grain Design.

Ty_Shower_Curtain100%Materials and labor all American.

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