Turntables by SOTA

Synthetic sapphire crystal thrust plate…Zirconium ball bearings…Double-regulated synthesized sine-wave drive system…

Sounds kind of like things you might find on planet Krypton but really they are found in a factory in the south side of Chicago that makes some of the best sounding turntables on this world. Obvious the engineering in each table is pretty complex, but at the heart of it are literally a number of different layers that absorb vibration and disturbance for that clean sound. It starts with the floating seismic platform, which from the name sounds like it could withstand an earthquake. The table further diminishes vibrations with a platter made from a number of different layers of materials right down to the layer that touches the vinyl and matches its impedance. Lastly is a drive belt system that is perfectly accurate and consistent.

There are models ranging from a couple hundred dollars to thousands. Build time ranges from a day to a full work week and each table is built from screw to finish in Chicago with almost everything sourced from other American companies.

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