Towels by G.U.S.


Go into any store that sells home goods and chances are you will encounter a wall of towels with things that say “Luxury” and “Egyptian cotton” all on the same tag. Chances are they are also all most likely made in countries close to those so called luxury overseas cotton blends. Towels by G.U.S. , an off-shoot of online retailer Great Useful Stuff, offers some of those cotton blends and is pretty transparent about where the towels they are selling are made. Fortunately, they have two completely American made options that are both luxurious and functional. Their hotel collection is made with 100% American cotton grown in the south with organic and non-organic options that are soft, absorbent, and durable. The towels are manufactured by 1888 mills in Griffin, Georgia which employs around 200 people and also employs a number of environmentally conscious practices that include harvesting rain water and recapturing steam generated in the manufacturing process. The mill also participates in the Department of Energy’s Save Energy Now program which aims to reduce manufacturers’ energy consumption by 25% over the next decade.


Available at Towels by G.U.S.

The link above is to the American made collection.

100%Materials and labor all American.

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