The Stumptown Collection by Danner Boots

Fall/Winter 2012 and beyond.

Danner_Stumptown_Mountain-Light-Rugged-MetroIf you are looking to combine rugged outdoor performance with rugged street style then The Stumptown Collection by Danner will be a feast for your eyes. The Fall / Winter 2012 collection features rich leathers and suede with colorful laces to create a number of stylish combinations that evoke the vintage Danner hiking boot design.



For 80 years this year Danner has been hand crafting boots built to last and built to handle the rough Pacific Northwest terrains where the company was started in Portland. Not only do the boots stand up to the wet and rocky Oregon woods but also anything that firemen, police officers, and the armed services can throw at them. Danner makes standard issue boots for all of these job descriptions and all by hand in their Portland factory.



Each boot is crafted with Horween leathers from Chicago which are hand stamped from the best parts of each hide and then hand sewn together. Other materials include Gore-Tex® linings made domestically and add weather proofing inside. Each sole is also made in the U.S. in North Brookfield, Massachusetts by Vibram. Vibram builds soles that have been to Mt. Everest, withstands fire, and stays waterproof while keeping traction on any wet surface. Needless to say you will be covered in most any situation the streets come up with. Also, Danner has a re-crafting program that will restore your boots when they need some love.

Available at Danner.

Danner_Stumptown_Soles100%Materials and labor all American.

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