The Cube Speakers by Fern & Roby

Sounds of synths to banjos will be warmed flowing through these pieces of heart pine that have been reclaimed from a 19th century Virginia factory and machined from a solid beam in Fern & Roby’s Richmond, VA space. The base is cast right down the road from recycled aluminum giving solid structure to all the frequencies coming from the Alpair 7 Gold Drivers by MarkAudio.

Available at Fern & Roby

Framing by Saw and Mitre Frame Co.

Cut out the coupons and let Saw and Mitre build you a frame that you can be proud of. They offer hand built frames in a number of predetermined sizes and orientations plus complete custom solutions. You have your choice of American walnut or maple in a variety of finish options or American made metal. Each comes with museum quality glass and acid free matting. They even plant a tree for every frame they build out of their Virginia based workshop.

Available from Saw and Mitre.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Maslo Jewelry Collection

Nicole Maslowski must have tapped into her memories of previous lives spanning American history and channeled them into her jewelry. Each piece finds a balance between the past and present, organic and industrial, delicate intricacy and modern simplicity. Turquoise stone and brass spikes speak to the native designs and landscapes of the southwest while black leather and sequins take you to the ballrooms of the 1920s. These worlds come to life in Nicole’s Richmond studio where she crafts each piece.

Available from Maslo Jewelry.

Cured Meats by Olli Salumeria

Even Italy will be envious.

It was a sad state of affairs before Olli Salimerua was started by a naturalized Italian that comes from 160 years of cured meat expertise. The Italian, named Olli as you can guess, was living in the U.S. and still importing his favorite prosciutto and salami before his friend and now business partner Chip posed the question “Why can’t you get that here?”. After partnering with top notch family-owned pig farmers from New Jersey and Iowa who raise their animals feeding from the pasture, having the right ingredients here was no excuse anymore. With all of Olli’s knowledge and family history imported from Italy to Mechanicsville, Virginia and the perfect pieces of pork Olli set to making what might make Mario Batali stay stateside for a while. From calabrase to prosciutto to pepperoni, everything is cured in Virginia and never has to cross an ocean to get to you unless you are ordering from Italy.

Available from Olli Salimeria.

100%Materials and labor all American.