Masu Tabletop Accessories by Desu Design

These tabletop serving and storage accessories from Desu design make your appetizers look like they came out of a 5 star kitchen. There are a few different smart shapes and functions each made from a hygienic and non-porous solid white material thats food smart. These are crafted in the Desu Vermont studio nestled in the Green mountains.

Available from Desudesign.

West Elm Market

Big box meets Mom and Pop.

A little over a month ago West Elm, part of the home goods corporate team including Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn, opened up the first of its “Marketplace” stores in Brooklyn, NY followed by shops-in-shops at the Costa Mesa, Dallas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Nashville, New York City, Seattle and Toronto, Canada West Elm locations. Operating as an extension of the West Elm brand, the Marketplace concept is a refined and curated collection of items for the home that are organized, displayed, and sold both in-store and online with a nouveau general store type feel. A portion of those items happen to be made in the USA and West Elm has made an effort to build relationships with and source products from the Brooklyn community and beyond. Some of those products include a hand-smithed copper saucepan by Brooklyn based Brooklyn Copper Cookware, aluminum bakeware from Minnesota based Nordic Ware, Brooklyn-based Common Good’s 100% biodegradable and plant-based cleaning products with a West Elm signature sage scent, Sam’s Natural handcrafted candles, soaps, and lotions, using ingredients purchased solely from U.S. suppliers, scrubbing and sanitary brushes made by the blind from New York City Industries for the Blind, brooms from Kentucky based craftsman college Berea College, and dry mops and dusters from the Vermont Slack Dust Mop Co.

West Elm is also making an effort to go to even more a local level by partnering with Etsy makers to offer their products in select stores. Good things from one of the biggest modern home goods retailers out there. Bringing quality U.S. made products to the average Joe and Joanna. Check out the collection online here.

Maple Products by Tonewood

We've come a long way since syrup.

Tonewood_MapleIn the woods of Vermont there may be a Sasquatch, but chances are you would have a better chance spotting a maple tree. Tonewood, based in Mad River Valley, has tapped into the abundance of Vermont maples to create some traditional products like maple syrup and a few not so traditional ones like maple cream, maple wafers, and maple flakes. They take special care to responsibly harvest the sap with their artisan sugarmakers who use refined techniques to transform the sap into pure maple syrup. Tonewood also has an “adopt a tree” program allowing customers to enjoy the harvests of their very own tree. They have partnered with other local independent maple farmers to collaborate with on the adoption concept. These high quality maple syrups and products are sure to please any pallet…even a Sasquatch’s.

Available at Tonewood.

Tonewood_SyrupTonewood_CreamTonewood_Flakes100%Materials and labor all American.

Skincare by Ursa Major

"The Great Bear" of natural skincare.

Founders and life partners Oliver and Emily moved from the mean streets of NYC in search of healthier, simpler living in Vermont. There they where inspired to start a natural and sustainable alternative to men’s skincare that doesn’t make use of chemicals or synthetic additives and is finely tuned to meet the needs of men’s skin. All of the ingredients are not sourced domestically by necessity, however Ursa Major strives for the highest percentage possible of all natural, organic, and fair trade ingredients. A full list of ingredients is available from their website. Their packaging is also partially made from post-consumer recycled materials and sustainable materials.

Available at Ursa Major.

Avva Serving Boards by Teroforma

Avva Serving Boards by TeroformaMade from conscientiously-sourced New England maplewood, these handmade boards are crafted for Teroforma by JK Adams in Vermont. Treated with a simple food-safe wood oil, just rinse and wipe down after each use.

JK Adams is a New England institution whose commitment to craftsmanship in the tradition of the Yankee woodcarver began with its founding in 1944. It has since remained a constant supporter of the craft, cultivating the next generation of craftsmen.

Designed by Thea Mehl.

Small: 7″ L x 12″ W
Medium: 12″ L x 12″ W
Large: 19″ L x 12″ W

Available from Teroforma

100%Materials and Labor all American.