A2 Pocket Knife by WKRMN Design

This isn’t that Nokia phone you got free with your first cell phone plan in 2002. This might get you out of much stickier situations and is one of the best damn looking pocket knifes I’ve ever laid eyes on. Made of exotic maple and stainless or carbon steel the A2 is heirloom quality and built one at a time by hand in St. Paul. These are one of a kind so be on the lookout.

Available from WKRMN Design.


Found funded and ready to see it delivered.

ClipTreeDesigner Matthew Plumstead has created an attractive, fun, and configurable storage solution for all of those things we want to grab and go but often forget. The “Clip Tree” looks great in any room and is great for stashing keys and a scarf in the hallway, hanging towels in the bathroom, or displaying some of those prized accessories in your wardrobe. It works by mounting two plastic clips to any wall and attaching a very nice machined walnut dowel that has three notches for attaching a variety of accessories including a tray, shallow bowl, mirror, peg, hoop, or hook. The Plumstead’s Kickstarter for the Clip Tree has already been funded with promise to deliver in November. Minnesota based manufacturers have been lined up to deliver the American walnut dowels, recyclable injection mold plastic, and packaging. High hopes for seeing these produced on a larger scale right here in the U.S.

**UPDATE РClip Tree is shipping this week! All parts are manufactured in Minnesota with the exception of the acrylic mirrored components. Available at McCarty Quinn shop.