Single Malt Whiskey by Westland

Alongside all of those condos and apartments springing up to fill the needs of a growing Seattle tech market are lots of breweries and distilleries to serve the thirsty masses. Westland Distillery is a local standout that has also received global attention from Scottish whisky diehards for its single malt creation. The spirits start their journey in the SODO district of Seattle in the beautifully outfitted Westland distillery space with a grain bill featuring a pale base malt grown in Washington. A select batch of grain is dried and smoked with peat, an old world trick to a smokier profile, for a “peated” malt. On the Olympic Peninsula there is a wealth of peat harvested by the distillery. After fermentation and distillation the alcohol is aged in either New American Oak or Sherry that was harvested in the American south then used as casks for a century in Spain and repurposed back home. Westland wants to make Washington the place you think of for quality whiskey so look out Bill Gates.

Available from Westland Distillery.

Extô Outlets by Conway Electric

The power strip lives a reclusive life. It hides out in and behind furniture then its destined for a death in a box of cables up in the attic. Ugly plastic devices that make their way to sterile aisles from overseas. The Extô outlet begs for the spot light. Starting with a sturdy powder-coated aluminum and steel housing the Extô is built to last the test of time. Its lengthy cord is an attractive weave of cotton available in a variety of colors over heavy duty electrical cable and his made by a factory with 50 years of experience. The outlets themselves are tamper proof and every component is of the highest quality. Almost everything is sourced from inside the US and the units are built in Seattle.

Available from Conway Electric.

KICKSTARTER-Athleticwear by Yesler

Yesler is an upstart that has big dreams of an all-American made athletic wear line. The starting line is modest but, with their women’s capris and men’s shorts they have two solid legs underneath them. The build on both pieces is top notch with panels of breathable material that is woven in North Carolina and cross-stitched for extra strength. The trim materials like elastic and drawstrings come from New England and Missouri and it all is cut and sewn together in Seattle. We would love to see Yesler go much further so if you are in the market for some athletic attire stop by their Kickstarter and show your love.

Available from Yesler.


Hip Pocket Table by Ample Furniture

Pockets on your pants? That makes sense in both a functional and fashionable way. So do pockets in your table. Built at the end of a solid American Black Walnut top with black powder-coated steel legs is just that. A pocket for all of those things like books and magazines that might clutter up the surface but nestle perfectly down in a wool sling made from 100% merino wool with red accent stitching. Ample builds each in their Seattle work space.

Available from Ample Furniture.

Tri.Flor Lamp by Standard Socket

Who wants talented independent designers to come together under one roof to have fantastic products made? Who wants that??!!! In Seattle its happening. Standard Socket has a roster of visionaries that crush it on some lighting that you might want in your house. The Tri.Flor floor lamp designed by a Seattle based couple Sallyann and Joe aka Fruitsuper is just one of those stand outs. Made of steel it is powder coated black to look like something straight out of “Beetlejuice” if the Deetz could just put together a little bit more of a modern household. In a bright room full of rich wood this gives just the right dark counterbalance and if you turn it on brightens things up that much more.

Available from Standard Socket.

100%Materials and labor all American.

The Freeman Jacket by Freeman

When the Fall and Spring rains are relentless your likelihood for sogginess increases more than a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Be a man and don’t eat Cinnamon Toast Crunch and wear The Freeman. With a breathable waterproof outer shell and flannel lined interior you are sure to be prepared for the unpredictable conditions of the milder seasons. Add in a draw string hood, interior pockets, and solid buttons and zippers put together with a trim fit and you are now talking about looking your best in any kind of element. The Freeman is made in Seattle where all the elements live.

Available from Freeman.

Kitchen Systems by Henrybuilt

A dream modern kitchen built stateside.

What is it with European’s and all their modern kitchen cabinetry? Can we get a little love stateside? Yes we can. Henrybuilt has roots that go back to The Great Depression, but those roots have grown and blossomed into a full line of kitchen and living systems that any modern European home might just get a little jealous over. The company has showrooms in New York and in Seattle where their 40,000 square foot factory is also located. They offer a truly custom service that focuses on design, architecture, and craftsmanship. Systems that are intuitive, design conscious, and make sense for your kitchen experience needs.

As for the cabinets themselves there are a number of woods and laminates available. American Black Walnut, Rift Cut White Oak, Teak, Douglas Fir, Wenge, American Black Cherry, Hickory, and Bamboo are just to name a few. Woods are finished with a low emissions varnish and there is low to no formaldehyde content in the wood panels. Cabinets sit atop equally eco-friendly surfaces such as Corian or a paper and resin product called Paperstone. Even the pulls and knobs are made in Seattle from stainless steel or aluminium.

Available through Henrybuilt.

Loft Bed by Chadhaus


Sometimes the simplest forms and materials give the most elegant design and the “Loft” bed by Chadhaus is the perfect example. Built only from steel and wood the natural beauty of the finished wood which comes in a selection of walnut, sycamore, elm, cherry, fir, or poplar is sure to be the focal point of any modern bedroom. Particularly striking is the pictured whitewashed finish that gives the wood an almost stone like look that ironically gives the bed a light airy feel.


The Loft bed is available with and without storage drawers that provide an attractive and functional integrated storage solution below the bed. Each bed has a wooden slatted base that will provide sturdy support for any mattress or mattress base. All of the woods are locally sourced and sustainably harvested from the Pacific Northwest. The steel comes from recycled steel in Seattle. Each bed is hand built in Seattle and with a little extra 15 minute assembly from you will be ready to sleep on for years to come.

Available from Chadhaus.


Classico Down Parka by Crescent Down Works

If you have to face blizzards, hail, and all that other cold stuff you hate to walk into then you might want to stock up on one of these low temp fighting goose down parkas by Crescent Down Works. Made with premium goose down from Seattle based Pacific-Coast each parka is also constructed and inspected by hand in Seattle. The shell is 100% nylon with brass fittings. Light enough and warm enough to move you through the worst winter weather.

Availability through Crescent Down Works.

**Photo credit to Rooney Shop

Collective Collage by Grain, Iacoli & McAllister, Ladies & Gentlemen Studio

A creative display right in time for the holiday season.


Yep, the time of year that everyone is checking off their list is in full swing and with a little help from photographer Charlie Schuck three talented design shops have put together a collage of gift ideas that would make any gift opener’s eyes glimmer any time of year. Featured are objects from Pacific Northwest based Grain DesignIacoli & McAllister, and Ladies & Gentlemen Studio. All three design studios are located in or around Seattle where they separately go about making all of their beautiful home and fashion objects for each of their collections. Aside from mixing well on the pages of catalog, which you will find here, these three studios’ objects mix together materials and strong geometric forms seamlessly. So, no need to give something you found in a mall this year. This year support local and small business and make those on your list think of you each time they are bowled over by one of these American design gems.