Gym/Work Bag by DSPTCH

If you are that person running off to the gym at lunch or if your gym / work schedule is a little crammed then this is the bag for you. There are places to keep sweaty shoes ventilated, laptops dry, and even a false bottom secret place for…..things. Each is made of moisture-resistant nylon packcloth in San Francisco and the DSPTCH retail space can be found right in the Mission.

Available from DSPTCH.

Round Pedestal Table by Ohio Design

Ohio Design, which actually finds itself in San Francisco, has mastered the art of simple, clean, and minimal. Their round pedestal table is a prime example of a classic style pared down to its most basic form with materials that do all the talking. A complete selection of FSC certified hard woods are available to top a powder-coated steel base of equally attractive colors. Two sizes are made with care by hand in their SF workshop.

Available from Ohio Design.

Headlands boxes by Alice Tacheny

There is something just divine in these catch-all boxes. How the polished brass cuts through the buttery concrete to separate each vessel into shapes that make anything you put in them look like they are there for a photo shoot. How each piece feels like its own beautifully designed island with a mountainous topography. Each is made in the Bay area.

Available from Alice Tacheny.

100% Materials and labor all American.

Merge Tables by Council

Jackie Chiles might have your back when you are facing down the gavel but, Council will literally have your back, arms, and bottom surrounded in support by one of their beautifully designed pieces from their collection. In fact you are getting a whole team of brilliant designers to come to your rescue. Founded by bay area designer Derek Chen, Council features work from designers around the world that represents an American firm making products in America. The Merge tables are just one of those pieces that stands out from a stand out collection. Powder-coated steel tubing serves as the base to a tinted piece of glass that provides color and depth. It was designed by One & Co of San Francisco and is also made in San Francisco. It comes in a few shapes, sizes, and colors, and is also ready for both indoor and outdoor use.

Available form Council.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Heated Outdoor Seating by Galanter & Jones

Something about being outdoors on a crisp fall evening just seems right, but only so many layers will keep you cozy as things really start to get cold. Designer Aaron Jones has come up with an elegant outdoor sofa made of cast stone that also includes an efficient electrical heating element that will extend your outdoor enjoyment well into the later months of the year. The stone comes in a few hues and sits atop a steel base that can be powder coated or a brass base. Each is hand made in the bay area by local crafts people. Just plug right in and curl up.

Available from Galanter and Jones.

Flannel Shirting by Pladra

As the picture tells in more than a thousand words, if you want to reach into the river and grab a fish in style you have to have on Pladra. In fact if you are anywhere in the woods or on the street wanting to sport a flannel shirt then you won’t want to miss your opportunity to experience premium flannel. These shirts are constructed by hand to withstand the elements and have the finer touches of ornate mural like scenes of nature printed underneath on the collar and cuffs. Whether you are a woodsman, a woodslady, or just someone that listens to a lot of Nirvana these shirts need to make it to your wardrobe.

Available from Pladra.

KICKSTARTER – Athletic shorts by Olivers

In a world where athletic wear comes from the far reaches of Asia, a few guys had the vision and desire to change the game. This fall coming to you from the makers of fine tailored men’s clothing at Taylorstitch comes an athletic short that will blow you away…
Alright, they might not make a movie but they are certainly feature worthy. Athletic shorts made in U.S.? Finally. And these have style too. A great looking fit with material that will hold up on a Sunday run and a mountain climb. Each is made from nylon and spandex with stand-out details like a parachute chord drawstring with custom rubber end caps. All cut and sewn in San Francisco. Be sure to get first in line on this Kickstarter because no doubt they will be gone soon.

More info at Olivers.

Terrariums by Crooked Glass

If you don’t have the luxury of an outdoor garden then you might want to try your hands on a smaller project. Terrariums are the perfect accent of green and are fun to build. Crooked Glass out of San Francisco makes 3 beautifully hand crafted blown glass globe terrariums for any level of micro horticulturalist. They are made from high quality optical glass and can come pre-arranged with a special mix of “media” or soils and plants.

Available from Crooked Glass.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Acrylic Jewelry by Plastique*

Necklaces, earrings, and rings from plastique* bejewel their owners with acrylic pieces of art that are like pieces of candy. They offer a number of colorful collections but a few that stand out are their series of geometric shapes made in collaboration with painter Julie Bonifay of MAGNA out of Los Angeles. Other collections include eye popping chevron patterns and layered rings that are a slices of rainbows. Each is laser cut acrylic hand crafted in San Francisco.

Available from plastique*.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Wood & Acetate Sunglasses By Capital Eyewear

With a pair of softly sanded wooden frames on your nose the summer sun feels even nicer. Nicer still knowing that each one is made by hand in Capital eyewear’s San Francisco shop from sustainable hardwoods like cherry and walnut sourced locally. They also have a pair made from a plant based acetate that looks smooth and means what you are wearing isn’t seeping chemicals into your pores.

There are a few different styles for both men and women that run the range in styles taking inspiration from different screen icons like Evelyn Marsh of “Twin Peaks” to Gregory Peck of “To Kill A Mocking Bird”. Each piece is cut and formed using lasers and bandsaws then sanding things down just right. Lenses are from the premier lens maker Carl Zeiss and are cut in the shop.

Available from Capital Eyewear.