Minimalist Jewelry by Wind Blown

Some accessories scream “Good gaudy!” while Wind Blown softly whispers light airy minimalism on your ear, wrist, and neck. Simple geometry built with modestly flashy materials like brass and marble instantly grant you that lookbook look. All are forged, twisted, and hammered by Rachel Calhoun in Raleigh. You also won’t have to hit up your safety deposit box to rock a few of these pieces.

Available at Wind Blown.


Mailbox by Modbox

If you don’t want to seek out that perfect retro mailbox to fit your atomic ranch in yard sales and junk yards then your one shining hope has arrived. Modbox has taken inspiration from mid-century catalog mailboxes and added updated touches to a newly American made mailbox you can order from your couch. The box comes in an array of authentic mid-century colors and is built from steel in North Carolina.

Available from Modbox.


Dry Hot Sauce by Benny T’s Vesta

There are enough hot sauces out there to fill a pool to swim in but rest assured they are all watered down compared to Benny T’s Vesta. Ben Tuorto has a thing for heat and a few years ago went the distance by starting to grow his own chiles. Now he has a harvest of all varieties he combines in a few different brow perspiring recipes that give more dimension to spicy than other red condiments. You can start out on the ground level of a Jalapeño and Serrano hot mix and kick it all the way up to a Habanero and Ghost mix. Ouch. Yum. From soil to jar everything is grown and packaged in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Available from Benny T’s Vesta.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Olithas Outdoor Furniture by Concretehaus

Olithas_ConcretehausConcrete has become one of the more popular sustainable materials to compliment any modern home. Concretehaus has cast the Olithas outdoor furniture set in its collection of well designed and made concrete creations. They have the art of casting concrete down to a science and that comes naturally being an extension of the company Meld, a company known for their innovative concrete materials for architectural purposes. The concrete pieces are cast individually in Raleigh, NC and married with their minimal but strong stainless steel bases. Those bases need to be strong because each bench weighs over 100 lbs and each table over 200 lbs.

Table – 54″ x 34.75″ x 29.75″
Bench – 54″ x 17″ x 18″(seat height) 20.5″(back height)

Available from Concretehaus.

Olithas_ConcretehausOlithas_ConcretehausOlithas_Concretehaus100%Materials and labor all American.

Cold brew Coffee by Slingshot Coffee

Okay so it’s still technically winter, but imagine yourself in the dead heat of summer with a hot coffee…wait. Scratch that. You need that caffeine, but think ice cubes and a bottle of black gold. Yeah…that’s what’s up and Jenny Bonchak of Slingshot Coffee Company is taking you there. Slingshot is slangin’ the finest coffee from Counter Culture Coffee roasters in Raleigh, NC and bringing it to you all over and via the internet. The beans origin are hand printed on this handmade brew’s label. It comes in 2 kinds of brews. One which you can sip right from the bottle and another more concentrated brew that you can mix to your hearts content. Recipes are included on the website.

Available at Slingshot Coffee Company.

PROFILE – Lumina Clothing

The city of oaks, Raleigh, North Carolina, finds itself right in the middle of building a new identity for a new kind of southern city by bringing in the southern hospitality, culture, and work ethic out of the suburbs and into downtown. Amidst the cranes and construction, a building from generations past is now home to Raleigh’s latest menswear collection by Lumina Clothing. Walk inside and amongst the original hardwoods, lofty light filled space, and cool threads you might just find founders Peter, Paul, and Barton there to great you with that southern hospitality and an excitement about their line that will make anyone an instant fan.

Starting a few years ago by dabbling in making neckwear the crew comprised of 4 guys with backgrounds ranging from Nuclear engineering to architecture to environmental science quickly made their move into shirting, launching a Kickstarter to get legs underneath the brand. Their mission was to tap back into the rich textile industry of the south and provide quality American made menswear that is affordable.

The collection is built to outfit any modern man with the basics. Neckwear is made in New York and pants are made in Chicago. Shirts are made in either South Carolina or Chicago and are tailored to fit impeccably. Sizing is designed to help any man get the tailored look without the tailor using a unique approach. All of the normal S, M, L, XL you would expect are on the rack, but in between those you will find a S, M, L, and XL + with measurements that are literally in between the full sizes.

Another attractive feature of the Lumina collection…price. Shirts are under $90, pants under $100, and neckwear under $60. When you look out there and see shirts that are $200 and up it can often be a barrier. Lumina didn’t want that to be something that turns a buyer away from American-made or their brand, even though that means breaking a little closer to even.

In other corners of the shop are selves made from reclaimed materials that feature other American made brands like men’s grooming products from Prospector Co., canvas bags by Parrot Canvas, and organic socks by Zkano. They are also making some of their own market tote bags using canvas from Parrot Canvas and banging out the leather riveted straps right in the back of the shop.

Up next for the brand are more collaborations with other local artists and makers to create small collections featured in store and pop-up markets. Also, denim is coming! White Oak of course. Big things down the tobacco road for Lumina.

Raleigh Denim

Non-automated and we approve.

Raleigh Denim coverNot too long ago Victor and Sarah Lytvinenko started making jeans out of their Raleigh, North Carolina apartment and have since made Raleigh Denim one of the respected names in premium denim.

Raleigh Denim work

Using vintage machines and talented craftsmen and women each pair is hand cut and sewn in their Raleigh workshop using all local materials. They source their true selvage denim from Cone Mills right down the road in Greensboro, N.C.

Raleigh Denim, the Curatory

Adjoining the Raleigh Denim workshop is the Curatory where in addition to selling their exceptional denim they also showcase a number of other American made clothes and goods. Great people and great fitting quality jeans.

Raleigh Denim label

Available at the Curatory in Raleigh, N.C.
Full list of stockists listed on the Raleigh Denim site.

100%Materials and Labor all American.