Spider Climbing Hoody by NW Alpine

Seems like climbing and hiking runs in the blood of most Pacific North-westerners. That’s no different for Oregonian and NW Alpine’s founder Bill Amos who is out climbing in his backyard while designing gear made their too. Crafted from Polartec® High Efficiency Power Dry® fabric the Spider Hoody is built to withstand chilly mountain winds and breath as you sweat. On top of that there are perfectly placed pockets and thumbholes keeping everything close and cozy.

Available from NW Alpine.

Cortado Coffee Table by Harkavy Furniture

It’s a little hard to avoid being inspired by java in the pacific northwest. So in addition to helping fuel brothers Wesley and Dylan Harkavy’s obsession with skate boards and surf boards, coffee also pushed them through so many build hours working with richly stained boards of walnut that go into their appropriately named Cortado Coffee table. The piece share two levels of surface space between both wood and steel that define it’s split structural design and material selection. Handmade in Oregon and delivered to your home ready to accommodate your morning french press.

Available from Harkavy Furniture.


Harbor Chair by Phloem Studio

Benjamin Klebba grew up sailing on Lake Huron with his dad and watching him craft furniture too. The two collaborated on a collection called the Strand Line inspired from those sailing adventures that features a contemporary rope weave and turned tapered limbs made from domestic oak, cherry, or walnut. Every piece is handcrafted in the Pholem Studio out of Portland.

Available from Pholem Studio.

Duffel Bag by JBird Collective

Portland based JBird Collective is crafting some of the finest technical duffel bags and back packs that will make you the A-team of street savvy. The fold top design is secured by shock cord that allows for a low profile gym bag or an expanded weekender size. There are plenty of pockets for easy access storage and for smaller items. The bag is built with waxed canvas sourced from Fairfield Textile out of Fairfield New Jersey, leather trims from the SB Foot Tannery in Red Wing Minnesota, and CORDURA liners which also produced domestically. The hardware and nylon straps are military grade and are sure to not let you down if you pick one of these up.

Available from JBird Collective.

Bicycle by Cylo

Being on this waitlist means you are going places one day on the slickest new cycle to hit the streets. Cylo is forging bicycle frames from aluminum with a fresh take on the classic form plus adding in all kinds of modern features. Aside from the simple clean color scheme and crispy white tires are the LED lights in front and back that make this bike shine and are powered by you. All components from hubs to chain come from the best in the biz. Along with the frame made in Portland the handle grips are also made in the U.S. by Oury.

Available from Cylo.

Sunglasses by Shwood

Yeah, you might expect your favorite piece of furniture to be crafted with the finest woods and finished so that you see every detail of grain but not something you would wearing that on your head. Shwood brings that level of craftsmanship to every pair of sunglasses they make by hand in their Portland based workshop. It all started with a collection of modern styles made from sustainably farmed lumber and combined with the premiere lenses made by Zeiss. Since then Shwood has mixed materials by adding a collection of frames that are partially acetate and a collection that is partially stone. The acetate is Italian-crafted Mazzucchelli acetate that is plant-based. Newest to the list is a collection made from reused old Louisville Slugger baseball bats. Now that is a true American classic.

Available from Shwood.

Hand-poured Candy by Quin

Somewhere along the line candy started to be made in a never ending line of machines, molds, and lots and lots of artificial flavors. Jami Curl wanted to bring the charm of old-fashioned hand made candy into the modern world of shape, color, and flavor. She is personally responsible for all of the design and flavor by Portland based candy makers Quin. Here every single candy from lollipop to gum drop is made in small batches and packaged by hand. The ingredients are real. Things like honey, hazelnuts, berries, and salt all that are sourced locally from Oregon.

Available from Quin.

The Portland Collection by Pendleton

The new Portland Collection from Pendleton takes the best of their history making impeccable woven wools inspired by traditional Native American style and gives it an update with rich and colorful details that perfectly balance a classic and vintage line. The collection for both men and women is extends from button down shirts and dresses to hand bags to outwear. Every piece is well designed and constructed from fabrics that include American woven wool, Japanese polyester, and other imported yarns and silk and is of course constructed right here in the U.S.A. You can’t go wrong with any piece from this collection.

Available from Pendleton.

Samuelson Coat Rack by Schoolhouse Electric


The Samuelson coat rack from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. is the perfect example of how well Schoolhouse combines mid-century vintage industrial elements with modern shapes and colors. The anodized aluminium hooks look like they could have indeed hung any number of lettered varsity jackets and are attached to a beautifully finished simple aluminium shaft that is grounded by a study powder-coated spun steel base. The base is available in white, grey, and yellow. Suitable for any modern entry and ready to stand the test of time or any piece of outerwear you can throw on it. All the materials are crafted in the Portland, Oregon based Schoolhouse factory which was the home of Pacific Hardware and Steel Company in 1910.

Available at Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.

Samuelson_Schoolhouse_hookSchoolhouse_Electric_Co100%Materials and labor all American.

Kone Coffee System by Able Brewing

Design and coffee connoisseurs come together.

So you are down to make a foray into the world of pour over coffee but all the tools seem like science test kits. Before you make it to the world barista championships you might want to start out at home with the well designed Kone Brewing System by Able Brewing Equipment. They have taken their original Kone coffee filter which is a perforated metal reusable cone filter that eliminates the need for paper filters and designed a functional and beautiful brewing system for it. The Kone support sits atop a kettle that can be replaced with a lid for serving after brewing. Each piece is made by a local ceramic studio in Portland near Able where the perforated stainless steel Kone is made. Able is dedicated to making their products in the US and to making the best cup of coffee you could dream of having in your own home.

Available from Able Brewing.

100%Materials and labor all American.