Plant Containers by Loll Designs

Greener than you might think.

Loll_Containers_2012If you are looking for a “green” planter solution to match your green thumb then Loll Designs offers one of the best products out there. Their container series features a number of different sizes and shapes to accommodate most any household plant or small garden. Each one is made from 100% recycled high-density polyethylene (HDPE) which is the same plastic used in any milk jug. In fact, Loll has calculated how many recycled milk jugs would go into each one of their products and proudly displays it in their online shop. Containers are weather proof and will stand up to the test of time while being easy to maintain and clean.


Loll_ContainersLoll_Containers_RecThe material is LEED certified and while their manufacturing facility and headquarters in Duluth, Minnesota is not it is pretty darn close. The area was a brownfield site that they cleaned up and reused existing structures to create a modern facility that uses natural light and ventilation and passive solar heating. Their manufacturing method is also eco-concious. They have 5-6 week lead times to make sure they are getting the most out of all the material they make plus a CNC shop bot to make precision cuts.

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Loll_HeadquartersLoll_HeadquartersLoll_Headquarters_CNCLoll_HeadquartersMaterials and labor all American.100%

Softbowls by MIO

Containers with a conscience.

Wobowl by MIOWhether its for storage, plants, or decoration the softbowl series by MIO offers a bright, cozy, and sustainable solution. Each is handmade from locally sourced sheep’s wool (plus a little wire and nylon) in a Philadelphia studio. They are biodegradable and take 10% of the energy needed to create a ceramic counterpart.


100%Materials and labor all American.