Utility Mirror by Good Thing

Do you really want 7 years bad luck hinging on that shitty plastic hand mirror underneath the sink? Maybe that mirror should look in the mirror because Good Thing NYC has made a thing of beauty. This utility mirror ain’t breaking since it is made from one piece of steel thats cut and polished in Pennsylvania. It’s then dipped in rubber at an automotive parts factory in Ohio so that you won’t lose your grip at any angle.

Available from Good Thing.

Funston Fire Pit / Ice Chest by Shift Space Design

Gather everyone around this centerpiece to your outdoor space. Made out of laser cut stainless steel this beauty can hold both fire and ice. In the colder months a fire pit will keep friends warm and in the warmer months fill this thing up with ice for a handy cold beverage. Designed by Shift Space, all of the materials and labor are sourced within 120 miles of their shop.

Available from Shift Space.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Boxer Shorts by Moore Boxers

Tim Moore is just a hard working guy that believes in well made things and when he couldn’t find a pair of boxers that were to his standards and that were made in the USA he realized that he was going to have to make his own. Fortunately, he took his passion a little further and has set up shop in an old ammunition factory in Milvale, Pennsylvania with some industrial sewing machines that make a top notch seam and some metalworkers he shares the rest of the space with. He might be learning how to weld the hell out of some cool stuff soon but for now he is meticulously cutting and sewing some of the best fitting and luxuriously soft boxer sorts out there. They are constructed of premium Japanese shirting materials that come in two simple but classic colors and are put together using elastic made in Landrum, South Carolina and thread that is also domestically sourced.

Available from Moore Boxers.

Cork Pots and Bowls by Besta Cork

Scranton, Pennsylvania might be widely known as the home of the fictional paper company Dunder Mifflin but, in real life trees aren’t going to waste there by paper pushers. Besta Cork is using the renewable bark of, you guessed it, cork trees to create a couple different attractive styles of bowls and planting pots that are non-toxic, reusable, biodegradable, antibacterial, and 100% sustainable. Some come in your selection of Real Milk non-toxic paint that adds a pop of color to the soft cork texture.

Available from Besta Cork.

Gately Stools by New8th

New8th furniture out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania features solid woods put together using solid joinery to create solid design. The Gately stools come in 2 different heights and can be made with walnut, cherry, poplar, sycamore, oak, or elm. The seat feels like an architectural feature to any bar and incorporates a foot rest that enhances that architecture and natural beauty of the wood.

Available from New8th.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Tote No.1 by Moop

Canvas and leather always make a lovely couple and for that very reason so many are putting them together in the same way. Moop has created a classic tote from those very materials but has added a few subtle differences that make it a special matrimony. You can get your pick of waxed or corded canvas with a bright pop of teal Cordura® liner. All of which are sourced domestically and put together in a shop in Pittsburgh. You will also have no trouble packing in tons of stuff in all of the well thought out pockets and pouches which make this tote stylish and effortless.

Available from Moop.

100%Materials and labor all American.

ETSY – Concrete Bath Accessories by Roughfusion

If modern decor and design were broken into food groups then one of the big ones down at the bottom would be concrete. Nothing looks nicer in a kitchen or bath than a splash of the mixed magic. Case in point are these bath accessories made in small batches by hand in Pennsylvania and finished with an FDA approved sealer. Pretty much every organizational need you have in your bathroom can be fulfilled right here and if you peak further on the Etsy page you will discover beautiful concrete objects to put all over your modern home.

Available from Roughfusion on Etsy.



Measuring Cups by Pyrex

Who would have thought that glass built for railroad lanterns would end up measuring out your buttercream? While the recipe for the glass has changed, Pyrex is still molding those iconic measuring cups today with the red graphics and updated form. It all takes place in Charleroi, Pennsylvania in a factory responsible for producing all of Pyrex’s glasswares. This is a classic that works while not appearing to be from another time.

Available from Pyrex.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Softbowls by MIO

Containers with a conscience.

Wobowl by MIOWhether its for storage, plants, or decoration the softbowl series by MIO offers a bright, cozy, and sustainable solution. Each is handmade from locally sourced sheep’s wool (plus a little wire and nylon) in a Philadelphia studio. They are biodegradable and take 10% of the energy needed to create a ceramic counterpart.


100%Materials and labor all American.