Utility Mirror by Good Thing

Do you really want 7 years bad luck hinging on that shitty plastic hand mirror underneath the sink? Maybe that mirror should look in the mirror because Good Thing NYC has made a thing of beauty. This utility mirror ain’t breaking since it is made from one piece of steel thats cut and polished in Pennsylvania. It’s then dipped in rubber at an automotive parts factory in Ohio so that you won’t lose your grip at any angle.

Available from Good Thing.

Concrete Knobs by Kast

Why stop with the concrete on your counters? Kast Knobs has taken that modern and environmentally friendly material and put in your hands in some of the most attractive casts that will adorn your drawers or cabinets anywhere in the house. There are more styles than you can count on 2 hands and each is design and cast in Cleveland.

Available from Kast Knobs.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Men’s Knitwear by Ohio Knitting Mills

For three generations the Stone-Rand family operated a bustling mill in Cleveland responsible for making knitwear for names like Sears and Saks. When the mass exodus of clothing manufacturing overseas happened the mill had to shut its doors and hundreds of jobs were lost. Designer Steven Tatar has dug back into the mill’s closet to find all of those vibrant and colorful patterns and is now bringing back that history with an updated fit and look. Tatar and his crew of designers in Cleveland have partnered with other American companies like Kraemer Yarns in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, Tiger buttons in NYC, and Fleck Knitwear in Plainfield New Jersey to bring a new brand to life. Currently the men’s line is all that is offered but, plans for a women’s line are also on the table.

Available from Ohio Knitting Mills.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Backpacks by Tim Adam Bags

School ain’t out. It’s in and no matter if you are in school or not Tim Adam is gonna have some straps around your arms holding a dope sack. This is your mind on what’s up. You can chose from the traditional zippered backpack or roll top backpack both made from treated canvas and cotton webbing on the outside and polyester lining on the inside. Each comes equipped with nicely detailed stitching, YKK zippers, leather accents, and perfectly placed pouches to give you access to all those tools you need. If you need a little more organization there are also pencil bags to hold all your smaller goodies. Each is handmade by the man himself in Ohio.

Available from Tim Adam Bags.

Bundle Table by Ampersand

As you make your way into our nation’s heartland not only to you fall more in love, but you also can’t help but recalling the endless fields of grain. Cincinnati based furniture makers and designers Ampersand have drawn their inspiration from wheat bundles in the surrounding country side to create one beauty of a side table. The bundle table is made from a Dupont Corian tabletop and support disc that holds together an arrangement of hand-oiled domestic hardwood legs. The legs are either maple or black walnut and the Corian comes in your choice of black or white.

Available from Ampersand.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Small Batch Men’s Jeans By Noble Denim

No bull from Noble.


Chris Sutton started making jeans with a single pair he wanted to craft for himself that he could say he made by himself out of the best materials he could find. That passion has created his own denim business with the same values he started with. Noble denim is in fact just that. Denim that is made by hand in small batches focused on exacting craftsmanship out of Cincinnati, Ohio. All the materials are American born. Starting with the denim from White Oak Cone Mills in Greensboro, NC down to the hand branded leather patch made from rolls of found leather in a barn in rural Ohio, everything is sourced with American roots. Its a simple recipe from a straight forward collection of two fits. The “Truman” regular fit and the “Earnest” slim fit. If the clothes do make the man then I’d be proud to have this label on me.

Available at Noble Denim.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Hexed Candle Holders by Objeti

Hexed_ObjetiObjeti and 2nd Shift Studio, two small modern design shops based in Cleveland collaborated on these hexagonal pieces of beauty. They are made from concrete and steel in varying heights and colors to create a variety of displays. They also provide extra functionality with the ability to hold tea light candles and candle sticks. Each is made in the Objeti studio in Cleveland.

Available at Objeti.

Hexed_ObjetiHexed_Objeti100%Materials and labor all American.