Lene Desk by Enkle Designs

You’ve decided to adopt the 24/7 face in your phone and laptop work life but, the catch is your apartment. It’s a sardine can and as much as you’d like to put an executive desk in there you can’t catch a break. Let the Lene desk do the space saving work for you. The walnut supports lean against the wall and make room for a shelf and working space made of ambrosia maple. These are slaved over woodworker Matt Booty in his North Carolina shop so that you can carry on.

Available from Enkle Design.


Minimalist Jewelry by Wind Blown

Some accessories scream “Good gaudy!” while Wind Blown softly whispers light airy minimalism on your ear, wrist, and neck. Simple geometry built with modestly flashy materials like brass and marble instantly grant you that lookbook look. All are forged, twisted, and hammered by Rachel Calhoun in Raleigh. You also won’t have to hit up your safety deposit box to rock a few of these pieces.

Available at Wind Blown.


Reusable Produce Bags by Cocooon

Every year millions of plastic bags get thrown in the trash after one use from the grocery or farmer’s market. Cocooon wants to put a dent in that number by offering a reusable produce bag that is designed to carry your veggies home and keep them fresh in the fridge. Made from Tyvek the bag is breathable and water resistant, letting moisture escape while keeping other liquids out. It is light and collapsible making it easy to carry. Cocooon is also recyclable. All of the materials are sourced in the U.S. and the product is built in Asheboro, NC.

Available from Cocooon.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Scarves by Esse Quam Videri

What do Asian textile tradition and Southern culture have in common? Textile designer and artist Anna Nickles brings the two together beautifully in her line of scarves for men and women. She uses a modern approach to traditional Japanese textiles, color palettes and Shibori resist techniques in order to continue the shared custom of creating decorative pieces by hand. Each piece uses low-impact Fiber Reactive dye, one of the most environmentally sound textile dyes currently available. The fabric itself is imported from a factory that uses fair labor practices and everything is cut, dyed, and finished in Durham.

Available from Esse Quam Videri.

Heirloom Blankets by Falcon & Wagen

North Carolinians and designers Falza Khanani and Malik Wagenseil got love for the rich history of textiles in their state. It made perfect sense to use local mills and factories to bring to life their modern take on a southern cultural staple. The Heirloom Blanket is built to last for generations and has a colorful new look at the herringbone weave. They are a 70% wool and 30% cotton blend that is sure to keep you warm and warm your home with a pop of color and history.

Available from Falcon & Wagen.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Mailbox by Modbox

If you don’t want to seek out that perfect retro mailbox to fit your atomic ranch in yard sales and junk yards then your one shining hope has arrived. Modbox has taken inspiration from mid-century catalog mailboxes and added updated touches to a newly American made mailbox you can order from your couch. The box comes in an array of authentic mid-century colors and is built from steel in North Carolina.

Available from Modbox.


Women’s Collection by Bow and Arrow

Newcomers Bow and Arrow are picking up their bootstraps and carrying the history and culture of the Appalachians they call home into the present with their collection of women’s classics. The outlines reflect a hardworking rural past and connects them to the details seen on any modern day runway. Materials like denim, organic hemp, and cotton are cut and sewn into pieces that are built to last a generation. The materials are also primarily sourced domestically. The blues are beautifully rich and are mixed with patterned stripes and chambray that add a depth you wouldn’t find decades ago. The denim features a high waist, stitching, and pockets that all work together to perfectly for an incredible fit. Get to work and take a look.

Available from Bow and Arrow.


Solid Cologne by Fulton & Roark

Yes ladies and gents, it’s another innovation in everyday life through science. Listen up fellas. No more are the days of carrying around those bulky and fragile fragrance bottles. Thanks to microcrystalline wax and the smart thinking of the Fulton & Roark crew you can now easily stash away solid scents that you can apply with just the tips of your fingers. On the outside is an incredibly attractive and sturdy solid aluminum case that swings open in one hand and feels like you are conjuring the spirit of James Dean opening a Zippo. No flame necessary here, only the heat of your fingers that liquify the wax so that you can apply it and enjoy the crisp clean masculine fragrance literally shaped and molded by the Fulton & Roark team down in Winston-Salem, NC.

Available from Fulton & Roark.

Sweaters by Appalatch

You might not think of the finding leading edge garment technology in the Appalachian mountains but the aptly named Appalatch founders launched a Kickstarter with dreams of 3D printing the world sweaters made from start to finish in the U.S. It all starts with a German-made machine by Stoll that like a Makerbot 3D printer or CNC wood router is capable of automating knitting in 3 dimensions. Incredible machine aside, where it really starts is with the 2 creators of Appalatch who were passionate enough about domestic production that they made sure their wool came from sheep in Montana, their organic cotton from Texas, and their finished sweaters were dyed and sewn in their home state of North Carolina. The result is an incredibly well made and well designed sweater in 2 timeless styles for both men and women.

Available from Appalatch.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Dry Hot Sauce by Benny T’s Vesta

There are enough hot sauces out there to fill a pool to swim in but rest assured they are all watered down compared to Benny T’s Vesta. Ben Tuorto has a thing for heat and a few years ago went the distance by starting to grow his own chiles. Now he has a harvest of all varieties he combines in a few different brow perspiring recipes that give more dimension to spicy than other red condiments. You can start out on the ground level of a JalapeƱo and Serrano hot mix and kick it all the way up to a Habanero and Ghost mix. Ouch. Yum. From soil to jar everything is grown and packaged in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Available from Benny T’s Vesta.

100%Materials and labor all American.