Dusk Coffee Table by Coil + Drift

The dusk coffee table is the crown of geometric design. The centerpiece comes with your choice of white marble, black marble, walnut, or slavaged wood table top in combination with either a polished brass or more reserved blacked steel base. Surely a jewel to any living space that was custom crafted in Brooklyn.

Available from Coil + Drift.

Spicy Condiments by Bushwick Kitchen

Sugar and spice is coming at you this holiday season and Santa’s going to make a stop off the L to grab it for you. Bushwick Kitchen has the proverbial elves creating a short list of flavorful honeys and a stand out signature siracha. All are made from NY sourced honey and spices from chinatown in neighboring Queens. These will surely make your holiday dishes a stand out.

Available from Bushwick Kitchen.

Handmade Glass Pendants by Niche

An hour or so outside of NY along the Hudson is the quaint artist community of Beacon. A place perfectly situated between the very best of modern design, turn-of-the century industrial space, and old world craftsmanship. Niche is at the heart of that creating, manufacturing, and finishing a line of blown glass pendants in a variety of shapes that will set any space apart.

Available from Niche.


Adventure Duffle by D’emploi

Clean design, a lifetime of wear, and all American made and sourced are just a few features you get with this heavy duty duffle by D’emploi. The blacked-out monochrome keeps a cornucopia of compartments hidden for your things while standing out with sophistication. Each bag is constructed in NY on a Depression-era Singer and the materials come from close-by. This bag will have your back in adventures for a long time to come.

Available from D’emploi.


Tucket Table by Michael Robbins

Copy/Paste/Undo doesn’t enter into Michael Robbins’s vocabulary and you wont find 3D software in his tool belt. His sharp eyes step into his shop with new ideas ready to freestyle and form pieces he immediately gets hands on with. The Tucket table reflects his distinctive modern colonial design and his flawless woodworking. Made from oak in Philmont, NY.

Available from Michael Robbins.


MixUp Tables by Colleen & Eric

Colleen and Eric are not in line to board the next space shuttle but, they are winners of the NASA/Etsy SpaceCraft contest for their stellar furniture design. Their MixUp table collection also takes home the gold for its new take on a classic. The CNC milled legs mix up patterns and colors in a playful way under a solid wood table top that ships flat. Each is built in their Bushwick studio.

Available from Fiercely Made.


Hand Printed Pillows by Au Retour

Combining old school techniques like hand block printing and modern patterns, Emily Diehl has created an eye-pleasing selection of pillows that show the back breaking love that went into them. Other techniques employed to make these beauties are hand screen printing and digital fabric printing on natural cotton and linen blends with non-toxic water based inks and fiber reactive dyes that are hand sewn in Brooklyn.

Available from Au Retour.

3D Knitted Ties by Thursday Finest

If you were ever worried about getting your tie caught in a 3D printer you might only be so lucky now. Thursday Finest is making that happen in a good way with a custom automated 3D knitting machine that is capable of delivering your customized vision in a matter of moments. You can pick from a few patterns and get to work making it your own with all kinds of colors. The process cuts down on waste and is all done in a small piece of Brooklyn.

Available from Thursday Finest.

Stand Mirror by Surname Goods Co.

If you need a reason to face yourself in the mirror each day then this is a start. OK maybe thats a bit too narcissistic but, if you are just after a charming and well=crafted tabletop mirror to set your space apart then come take a look. The stand mirror blends classic function with modern shapes and rich materials like heart pine, blackened oak, black walnut and brass details. Each is crafted in Brooklyn.

Available from Surname Goods Co.

Credenza by Workstead

Workstead is responsible for interior design on some of the freshest Brooklyn and NYC hotels, shops and residences. Out of that work has sprung a unique collection of lighting and furniture available for your home. Their simply titled credenza plays with light and angles to produce dynamic drawer and door faces that also are fun to pull. Beech or Walnut are sanded smooth to a satin finish that is soft to the touch and easy on the eyes. Each is built in their Brooklyn shop.

Available from Workstead.

100%Materials and labor all American.