Seasonal Fragrance Collections by LCM Fragrance

We are always so busy watching the runways looking out for FW this year and SS that year. Getting carried away with the visual that we may neglect an accessory like fragrance and settle for bottles that have been hanging around a long while. You wouldn’t rock that top that’s had it’s day a year ago so why not give your scent an update. Alongside building unique custom personal fragrances LCM has created a ready-to-wear line that is fashion forward. Each season owner and perfumer Cécile puts both her prestigious French perfumery school training and masters in chemistry to come up with scents of now. Her crafted fragrances are then produced and bottled in small batches close to her studio in NYC. These are the one of a kind pieces you have been looking for, just off that runway.

Available from LCM Fragrance.

Ties by Skinny Ties

You already bit off a little more than you could chew on a new look minus a tie? Take another small bite. Skinny Ties have standards that you needed in your closet for less than $40. Their collection of ties that are made in the U.S. range from knits that are made in New Jersey from recycled yarn sourced in North Carolina to imported wool ties made in New York city. Rejoice with outfits that are now complete.

Available from Skinny Ties.

Trench Coat by American Trench

If you are going to be a perv then at least have some style. American Trench has put together a WWII inspired navy trench coat that will knock that creeper look right off of you and have you stepping off the pages of the hottest lookbook. Made in a New Jersey garment factory that specializes in technical military outerwear this coat also features a 100% cotton interior plaid lining woven in North Carolina exclusively for American Trench. The exterior is made of a densely woven Egyptian cotton that is water repellant and is from the Italian company Olmetex. A sure fire people pleaser buttoned or unbuttoned.

Available from American Trench.


Hank – An Always American Made Webstore

Stepping up to the plate.

There have been recent purveyors of American made goods to stake claim on the world wide web, but Hank with its manly name which happens to also be a man’s name aims to make shopping online for domestic goods simply pleasing. In edition to having a whole lot of user interface eye candy Hank has also curated a growing list of top notch apparel, goods, and original products. They launched with their very own slim fitting button down oxford made in Perth Amboy, New Jersey by Individualized Shirts, French terry cotton sweatshirts by Columbiakint in Portland, Oregon, and a collaboration with canvas giant Parrot Canvas Company in Greenville, NC. The bag is a cut above the standard Parrot bag using Aniline leather sourced from Horween Leather in Chicago for the bottom, zipper pulls, and lash tabs. Looks like this is just the beginning of more exciting collaborations to come. Welcome aboard Hank.

ETSY – Reclaimed IPE Coney Island Boardwalk Trivet

Rest your hot dogs on a piece of history.

About 3 years ago the New York City parks department began replacing parts of the very weathered Coney Island boardwalk and simply throwing away a landmark. Luckily conservationists like Martins Straupe & Kurt VonEllers were able to claim some pieces of their own and come up with an attractive modular design for a trivet. Each piece is made from IPE wood reclaimed from a 2010 renovation of the boardwalk and is hand-notched and then sanded by hand in Jersey City, New Jersey. The number of formations you can make could be limitless but this collection is limited so head on over to Etsy to claim yours.

Available at the dfnqline shop on Etsy.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Versatile Storage by Soapbox

Boxes not found on an aisle in a warehouse.

Soapbox AssortmentSimple, affordable, versatile, modern…how many other good things to say? Plenty. With the goal of creating well made affordable furniture that won’t end up in a landfill shortly after purchase, Soapbox has done just that with this customizable line of products made in New Jersey. Available in a number of different configurations, sizes, colors, and finishes these boxes look great anywhere.

Soapbox large wall unitMade of 3/4″ plywood with grade A hardwood veneers, using soy based glues and held together with galvanized or powder coated brackets and legs. No tools are needed for assembly Woods are finished with an all natural linseed oil applied by hand. Also, there is a limited edition series made in smaller batches from reclaimed woods.

Available direct from Soapbox.

Soapbox small wall100%Materials and labor all American.