Boots and Moccasins by Mrs. P. Hicks

Feminine moccassins without being "frilly"

mrsphicks_FW2012Designer Katherine McMillan has created the perfect combination of fashion forward and timeless American classic looks with her line of moccasins and boots made especially for women under her brand Mrs. P. Hicks. Inspired by lines of men’s footwear known for their quality hand-made moccasins, Katherine has rejuvenated and reinvented the style while harnessing the manufacturing power of those other existing brands. Each pair is hand made in the same factories as those other men’s brands in Maine and Minnesota using quality deerskin leathers and suede. The soles are also domestically made. Some boots have Vibram soles which are well known for their durability and protection. Other styles have soles built on SorboAir® which is lightweight, shock absorbent, and extremely comfortable.

Available at Mrs. P. Hicks.

mrsphicks_BigCartelmrsphicks_OrangeMocmrsphicks_MidBootmrsphicks_CanaryChukka100%Materials and labor all American.

Wool Blankets by Faribault Woolen Mills

Bundle up with beauty.

Faribault_IngeoIn 2011 the Faribault Woolen Mill situated on the banks of the Canon River in the Minnesota countryside re-opened its doors with the tagline “The Revival of American Excellence”. That over 100 year excellence of making the finest woolen goods had seen blankets in westward bound pioneer wagons and on the backs of soldiers until the poorly managed plant closed in 2009 for a short spell. Two local investors got it back on its feet shortly after and now the mill is crafting blankets and throws by workers that have spent their lives in the community working there.


Wool is a biodegradable and renewable fiber that has strong weather resistant characteristics. Faribault selects high quality fleeces from both domestic and non-domestic animals and uses a long standing multi-step process to create strong yarns. Faribault has also begun to incorporate a revolutionary fiber called Ingeo into its blends. Ingeo is a fiber made from corn that is completely hypo-allergenic, renewable, and minimizes the use of pesticides, water, and petroleum. Ingeo is produced from corn that is harvested in Blair, NE.


Most recently teaming up with a modern day version of a general store, Old Faithful Shop, Faribault has created the “Foot Soldier” blanket which comes in a few limited edition colors and is a perfect blend between modern style and craftsmanship.

Faribault has also opened its very own boutique inside of the mill. Products are of course also available at their e-shop and even at J.C. Penny.


West Elm Market

Big box meets Mom and Pop.

A little over a month ago West Elm, part of the home goods corporate team including Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn, opened up the first of its “Marketplace” stores in Brooklyn, NY followed by shops-in-shops at the Costa Mesa, Dallas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Nashville, New York City, Seattle and Toronto, Canada West Elm locations. Operating as an extension of the West Elm brand, the Marketplace concept is a refined and curated collection of items for the home that are organized, displayed, and sold both in-store and online with a nouveau general store type feel. A portion of those items happen to be made in the USA and West Elm has made an effort to build relationships with and source products from the Brooklyn community and beyond. Some of those products include a hand-smithed copper saucepan by Brooklyn based Brooklyn Copper Cookware, aluminum bakeware from Minnesota based Nordic Ware, Brooklyn-based Common Good’s 100% biodegradable and plant-based cleaning products with a West Elm signature sage scent, Sam’s Natural handcrafted candles, soaps, and lotions, using ingredients purchased solely from U.S. suppliers, scrubbing and sanitary brushes made by the blind from New York City Industries for the Blind, brooms from Kentucky based craftsman college Berea College, and dry mops and dusters from the Vermont Slack Dust Mop Co.

West Elm is also making an effort to go to even more a local level by partnering with Etsy makers to offer their products in select stores. Good things from one of the biggest modern home goods retailers out there. Bringing quality U.S. made products to the average Joe and Joanna. Check out the collection online here.


Found funded and ready to see it delivered.

ClipTreeDesigner Matthew Plumstead has created an attractive, fun, and configurable storage solution for all of those things we want to grab and go but often forget. The “Clip Tree” looks great in any room and is great for stashing keys and a scarf in the hallway, hanging towels in the bathroom, or displaying some of those prized accessories in your wardrobe. It works by mounting two plastic clips to any wall and attaching a very nice machined walnut dowel that has three notches for attaching a variety of accessories including a tray, shallow bowl, mirror, peg, hoop, or hook. The Plumstead’s Kickstarter for the Clip Tree has already been funded with promise to deliver in November. Minnesota based manufacturers have been lined up to deliver the American walnut dowels, recyclable injection mold plastic, and packaging. High hopes for seeing these produced on a larger scale right here in the U.S.

**UPDATE – Clip Tree is shipping this week! All parts are manufactured in Minnesota with the exception of the acrylic mirrored components. Available at McCarty Quinn shop.