Geometric Candleholders by Marvin Freitas

These aren’t imported but the talent is. Marvin Freitas grew up watching his grandfather craft things out of his Galicia, Spain shop. Years and thousands of miles later Marvin has his own shop in Minneapolis where he has designed an entire collection of furniture and objects he builds there. These geometric candle holders are made of black walnut and come in 3 different sizes.

Available from Marvin Freitas.



A classic look with modern touches, the Tessera watch is the sophomore effort from the watchmaker Leo Padron. Each Padron Watch is made with 150 Meter marine grade stainless steel and sapphire crystal and exclusively use high beat mechanical-wind movements. Padron Watches are water resistanct to 150 meters, use no electronics nor a battery, and hence are excellent choices for low-temperature climates and demanding weather. The components come from abroad but everything is assembled by hand in their Minnesota facility. At a price around $500 this is a watch that looks great and doesn’t break your wrist when you reach for the wallet.

Available from Padron.

Camera Slider by Trost

It’s no news that DSLRs shoot a lot of video content out there these days and an army of companies followed this movement creating all kinds of gear that will give any pro a better shot plus a drained bank account. One piece of gear that has become most popular is the slider which adds smooth movement if operated correctly and if your slider isn’t one of the many that falls apart and gets jerky. Trost sliders are built and calibrated by hand entirely from steel. Not plastic and aluminum. Steel. A system that will support a car and will give you smooth dollying for a long while. On top of that are a ton of design features that put this slider on top. Multiple quick-release mounting points, a 2 axis set-up, adjustable drag, portability, and even self-cleaning. There is no camera this won’t support and no lens, macro or telephoto, that you can’t achieve smooth shots with. Components are built in California and assembled in Minnesota.

Available from Trost.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Picnic Bag / Blanket by Yield Design Co.

It's everything you need to go picnicking in one.

The classic image of unfurling a picnic blanket on a lush lawn just got updated. Yield Design Co. has rethought the outdoor experience to include a start to finish all-in-one bag that unzips to convert to a pleasant picnicking surface. Each is made from camping-grade nylon fabric and a nylon zipper and there are modern colorful options to boot. The first run that was funded on Kickstarter was manufactured in El Paso, TX and all future bags including a new Duck Canvas line are made just outside of Minneapolis, MN all from domestically sourced materials from New England. While your fantasies of picnicking might not be the same they will certainly be dreamy in a more sustainable smart kind of way.

Available from Yield Design Co.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Camping Grills by Slatgrills

From backpack to grill marks in no time.

SlatgrillExperienced outdoorsman Chris Weyandt wanted a simple, portable, and versatile way to do what any guy wants to do in the woods….grillin’. After a few community college courses in how to design and fabricate he ended up with an innovative, attractive, and modern styled solution for hikers and campers who like grilling to rejoice over. The Slatgrill is offered in a few different sizes and materials like anodized aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and even titanium! Each works with a wide rage of fuel sources from wood to coal to gas. Each one is also very light and disassembles easily for transport in its own portable canvas organizer. All materials are domestically sourced and assembled in Minnesota.

Available at Slatgrills.

Slatgrill_XLSlatgrill_XLSlatgrill_BreakdownSlatgrill_Bag100%Materials and labor all American.

West Elm Market

Big box meets Mom and Pop.

A little over a month ago West Elm, part of the home goods corporate team including Williams-Sonoma and Pottery Barn, opened up the first of its “Marketplace” stores in Brooklyn, NY followed by shops-in-shops at the Costa Mesa, Dallas, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Nashville, New York City, Seattle and Toronto, Canada West Elm locations. Operating as an extension of the West Elm brand, the Marketplace concept is a refined and curated collection of items for the home that are organized, displayed, and sold both in-store and online with a nouveau general store type feel. A portion of those items happen to be made in the USA and West Elm has made an effort to build relationships with and source products from the Brooklyn community and beyond. Some of those products include a hand-smithed copper saucepan by Brooklyn based Brooklyn Copper Cookware, aluminum bakeware from Minnesota based Nordic Ware, Brooklyn-based Common Good’s 100% biodegradable and plant-based cleaning products with a West Elm signature sage scent, Sam’s Natural handcrafted candles, soaps, and lotions, using ingredients purchased solely from U.S. suppliers, scrubbing and sanitary brushes made by the blind from New York City Industries for the Blind, brooms from Kentucky based craftsman college Berea College, and dry mops and dusters from the Vermont Slack Dust Mop Co.

West Elm is also making an effort to go to even more a local level by partnering with Etsy makers to offer their products in select stores. Good things from one of the biggest modern home goods retailers out there. Bringing quality U.S. made products to the average Joe and Joanna. Check out the collection online here.