Empire Mayonnaise Co.

Making even NYC sandwiches richer

Empire_Mayo_JarsStraight out of the foodie pretentious Prospect Heights area of Brooklyn, Empire Mayonnaise Co. is creating some flavorful mayonnaise combinations that could turn your everyday turkey sandwich into something even Oprah is talking about.Empire has a wide range of the classic condiment to choose from like miso, red chili, wasabi, lime-pickle, and malt vinegar. They also have a classic recipe and if you feel like putting on the ritz with your spread they have a white truffle flavor too.

Empire_Mayo_SpreadEmpire_Mayo_SpreadEmpire Mayonnaise Co. was started in 2011 by chef Sam Mason and designer Elizabeth Valleau. They have a small storefront where they sell their unique mayo and also distribute to a number of other stores across the country. Into every mayo goes organic products including locally sourced eggs from upstate New York and other organic spices from both domestic and global sources. Not to mention a well designed attractive container made of glass.

Available at Empire Mayonnaise Co. and stores across the country.

Empire_Mayo_StorefrontEmpire_Mayo_StoreEmpire_Mayo_Chefsphoto credit to Weekend Warrior Brooklyn