Brooks Folding Table by Greycork

You might think of a folding table as that ugly plastic thing you get stuck at as a B-list guest but, with this Brooks table from Greycork you will feel like you got a seat at the cool table. You can set it up to stay as your work desk or dining table or you can fold it away and use just for special occasions. Each has your choice of beautifully shaped ash, oak, or walnut sourced and assembled in Ellicottville, NY. The legs are machined in Amesbury, MA and everything is assembled and finished by Horner Millwork in Somerset, MA.

Available from Greycork.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Perch Shelf and Tray by Dino Sanchez

The Perch series of shelves and trays cover a lot of ground for occasional storage and for the placement of it. There are both large and small sizes for either mounting on the wall or spicing up any surface. Your clutter and keys end up being a show piece rather than and eye sore and there are options for adding a small lamp with linen shade or a jewelry tree for hanging a necklace or two. Each is handmade in Massachusetts and is available in either oak or walnut.


Debra Folz’s Pleat Stool

Flaunt-worthy footstools

If mid-century modern met high tech arts-and-crafts, Debra Folz’s “Pleat Stools” would be their love child .  In a sea of Eames-inspired furniture, these petit pieces pack a bit more punch. Though she clearly pulls from that iconic era, Folz adds figurative and literal dimension to her stools using eye-catching fabrics in a range of hues that are at once classic and cool.  The “Pleat Stool” is a perfect combination of masculine and feminine, a modern mash-up of functional design and organic artwork. These are sure to be an heirloom addition to any home.

Folz offers other sexy and serviceable home furnishings ranging from mirrors to storage solutions. All of her work is semi-customizable via woodgrain and fabric color. If you find yourself falling for the “Pleat Stool,” check out the Studio Collection which features stools in a variety of fabric textures and colors.

Available in limited edition from Debra Foltz.

Shelving and Storage by Rakks

Pretty much everything looks good encased, sitting atop, or hanging from an anodized extruded piece of Aluminum. Rakks has been making shelving systems before the Apple I but today makes shelving and storage systems that are just as sexy as a Macbook Air. Residential, architectural, and industrial applications all fit quite nicely with these light and sturdy pieces that are all made in Needham, Massachusetts. From the library to your closet there are tons of configurations that are all modern and functional. No more dowel rods for those wire hangers!

Available from Rakks.

100%Materials and labor all American.


Canvas and Linen Pillows by Balanced Design

You want pillows to comfort your body but these might also comfort your soul a bit. Designer and founder Melinda Cox wanted to create beautifully designed decor that is also sustainable. She was able to balance those two perfectly with the aptly named Balanced Design. Pillows are made with inserts that are half fiber that is made from recycled plastic bottles and half feather. On the outside are simple, fun, modern designs hand printed using non-toxic water-based inks in an old Rhode Island textile mill. Designs are printed on both organic 10 oz. cotton canvas or linen. Everything comes together in Falls River, Massachusetts textile mill where the pillows are sewn and finished.

Available from Balanced Design.


What if just by holding your pooch close you could help support finding other dogs a home, re-use recycled material, and look stylish all at the same time? RESQTHREADS has packed all that power in a piece of rope. Each leash features solid brass hardware. The one above is made from parachute chord and is for smaller dogs and other small animals. Below are your choice of 3 colors in a material that is made from 100% recycled plastic bottles from Brazil and come in a few sizes.

There is also a leash made from a material called Hempex which looks and feels like natural hemp but is synthetic and is used for sails. No doubt that will stay secure when there is a tug. Best of all with each purchase $10 goes to a rescue shelter of your choice.

Available from RESQTHREADS.

Photos from Citizen Native.

Cribs by Kalon Studios

Heirloom quality and modern design

Kalon_Echo_RoomYou might already have a the family crib you once slept in set up for your baby, but for those looking for a more contemporary design to pass down to future generations then Kalon Studios has a range of cribs with a build quality that will stand the test of time. Not only that, but each crib is designed and built with safety in mind with 100% all-natural, non-toxic and sustainable materials and secure walls with all around visibility. Each is also made to go the distance of your baby’s early years by converting into a toddler bed.

The Caravan combines bold colors with 100% FSC-Certified domestically sourced maple woods to create a storybook circus wagon inspired crib.

The Echo has softer lines and a more fluid form and is also made with 100% FSC-Certified domestically sourced maple woods.

The Ioline has a 2 options one of which is a side that folds down. Featuring geometric patterns and FSC Certified Bamboo that is one of the only imported materials Kalon works with.

Kalon_ProductionThe Kalon design studio is located in Los Angeles and furniture is manufactured in Gardner, Massachusetts. They also have a European arm that makes furniture sold in Europe locally. Sustainability and locally made goods are at the heart of what Kalon believes and offers in it’s products.

Available at Kalon.

100%Materials and labor all American.

FSC Certified Bamboo imported.


Jack Spade + Southwick AW12 Men’s Collection

Dressing presidents and now you.


It seems like it was only yesterday that Jack Spade took a leap into the world of apparel after creating a thriving business from their stylish line of bags and accessories. This will mark the second year that Jack Spade has taken things a step further to team up with the well known and respected men’s custom suit maker Southwick to craft some of their fall line of suiting and outerwear. Based in Haverhill, Massachusetts, Southwick has close to a century’s experience tailoring custom clothing and brings the best of American craftsmanship to the updated classics that Jack Spade has designed.



JackSpade_Southwick_shirtsThis season includes a corduroy, light grey flannel, and wool navy blazer that will be staples of any wardrobe for many fall seasons to come. And as things get colder you can add in the dapper cotton moleskin topcoat. Also, there are a few casual oxford and striped button down shirts ready for you to complete any autumn attire. Southwick sources many of their fabrics domestically but also from high quality mills in Italy and Scotland.

Available online at Jack Spade.

Totes, Handbags, and Purses by Rennes

Rennes ToteBased in Boston Massachusetts, Rennes is a small “house of sewing” specializing in women’s bags, purses, and wallets made in small batches from custom dyed leathers and linens with striking modern patterns. A number of different styles are available including totes, backpacks, duffles, pouches, and wallets.

Materials are sourced from outside the U.S. Leathers are a more affordable cowhide that comes from some of the old-world tanneries of Italy. Other materials include linens from Belgium and France. All materials are hand cut, sewn, and assembled by owner Julia in a loft like studio space in Boston.

Available from Rennes with full list of stockists.