Maple Products by Tonewood

We've come a long way since syrup.

Tonewood_MapleIn the woods of Vermont there may be a Sasquatch, but chances are you would have a better chance spotting a maple tree. Tonewood, based in Mad River Valley, has tapped into the abundance of Vermont maples to create some traditional products like maple syrup and a few not so traditional ones like maple cream, maple wafers, and maple flakes. They take special care to responsibly harvest the sap with their artisan sugarmakers who use refined techniques to transform the sap into pure maple syrup. Tonewood also has an “adopt a tree” program allowing customers to enjoy the harvests of their very own tree. They have partnered with other local independent maple farmers to collaborate with on the adoption concept. These high quality maple syrups and products are sure to please any pallet…even a Sasquatch’s.

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Tonewood_SyrupTonewood_CreamTonewood_Flakes100%Materials and labor all American.