Athletic wear from Pistol Lake

I’ve always wanted to turn my used plastic bottles into new threads and now Pistol Lake is making that dream come true. Using a fabric they call Eudae, a yarn created by combining polyester made from recycled bottles with Tencel which is a fiber made from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees grown on PEFC-certified, sustainably run farms. The result is athletic wear that is soft but performs like a champ giving you breathability, stretch, and some very well placed pockets to hold your tech or keys. All these eco-conscious and minimalist threads are coming to you from L.A.

Available on Kickstarter from Pistol Lake.

Jackson Sofa and Sectional by Liberty Manufacturing Co.

So you’ve seen this look a few times but, what really counts is on the inside. Liberty Manufacturing Co. has a history of making furniture in L.A. since the 40′s so great craftsmanship is in it’s blood. Sustainable wood from the Pacific NW, soybean based and chemical-free foam, water-based glue, and recycled steel no-sag springs give these sofas a heart of gold. All of the components are sourced from American companies and put together in L.A.

Available from Liberty Manufacturing Co.


Fitted Athletic Shirts by Guroo

Just because those gym clothes are made of stretchy fabric doesn’t mean you are going to get the perfect fit when you are in a SMLXL world. Guroo is giving you more or less room with their customized men’s shirts based on build and length. They are made with a moisture wicking fabric, double seamed, and designed with vents that make you feel and look cool. The production is based in Los Angeles.

Available from Guroo.

The Hot Seat and Love Seat by Bend

When a sculptor from Michigan finds inspiration in the California desert and sets up shop in the thriving artist community of L.A. then you get something you have always wanted more of in your life…love in the form of a seat. Bend has a wide range of seating in its signature colorful patterned welded iron. Iron that is recycled and powder coated into the sculptor that makes your outdoor space museum worthy.

Available from Bend.

Wald Lighting by Feltmark

These are the hover boards of floor lamps, but don’t get your hopes up for superconductors and liquid nitrogen. No stand necessary when you plug right into the wall with the Wald light. Atop a bent bead blasted aluminum pipe sits a block of your choice of domestically sourced black walnut or ash with a slim bubble of a bulb. Even sexier is the Wald Hi-Lo which is all one unified aluminum build in your choice of 3 rich colors fit for your modern mansion…or tiny home. All the components are made here and built in L.A.

Available from Feltmark.


Raised Garden Kit and ID Tags by Scout Regalia

If you want to sprout a garden in your urban space with ugly soil or no soil then you will want a little help from one of these DIY kits. If you have a little unpaved real estate then there is a raised bed kit with stakes or if there is no patch of soil in site you can also choose a patio kit that comes with a 40% post-recycled material drainage mat. Each kit has powder-coated steel brackets manufactured in L.A. that you assemble with 4′ X 6′ studs to create the walls. Top it all off with some soil and mark your garden with matching powder-coated ID tags and you got yourself a place to start planting.

Available from Scout Regalia.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Coronado Crew by Iron and Resin

When you are kickin’ it on a Coronado resort island you are going to want your sweatshirt to make you look like a modern day conquistador. Iron and Resin is no stranger to making goods that make you look like the badass California motorcycle crew they were born from but, when it comes to leisure the Coronado crew makes quick work of rolling up your sleeves to flex. And you can flex with premium stitching and cotton that is crafted in small batches down the road from their Ventura flagship in Los Angeles.

Available from Iron and Resin.

Upcycled Headwear by Yellow108

Yellow108 takes salvaged wool pieces found on the factory floor and transforms them into some incredibly stylish hats for those who know how to look good head to toe. Their style is inspired by western americana and street fashion of the 20′s to 40′s. More modern colors and touches bring these hats into this era with an heirloom quality build. They are made where the materials are salvaged on both the east and west coasts.

Available from Yellow108.

Engel Shelving by 100xbetter

A couple of guys in Los Angeles took some mad joinery skills and some Danish mid-century inspiration and came up with a shelving system that is the perfect balance of fresh and classic. The Engel shelving system comes in sections and is built from beautiful specimens of ash or walnut. You might be admiring the shelves more than the wares on them.

Available from 100xbetter.