Acoustic Amplifiers from Koostik

Koostik_Original_WalnutInstead of plugging your iPhone or iPad into a dock that has powered speakers why not take advantage of a well designed natural acoustic amplifier by Koostik? Designer Jim Simon has built the Koostik series based on the same principles of a hollow bodied instrument allowing sound to be amplified 2 to 4 times without a single watt (other than those used by your Apple device).

Koostik_Original_WalnutEach one is handmade from domestic woods in Colorado. There are 3 models. The original (pictured above), the miniKoo, and iPad version. Each is available in a number of different finishes and combinations such as walnut, maple, or cherry. They are finished by hand with an application of an earth-friendly combination of orange oil and beeswax.

Available directly from Koostik.

100%Materials and labor all American.