“Elliot” Modular Planters by Good Erdle

Good vibes going on from Good Erdle


On its own or in a gang the “Elliot” modular planter is capable of making plant life look so good. Whether you are getting together a collection of herbs for your kitchen or adding decorative touches to your space these planters are designed to fit together in multiples to create some pretty amazing arrangements for any kind of space.

gooderdle_elliot_singleOnce you get past the good looks there is a whole lot more behind these vessels and their makers. Good Erdle and its designers are committed to making objects that are sustainable and produced domestically. For the “Elliot” planters they teamed up with a studio in the small rural town of Rosco, Illinios who casts each one out of white stoneware clay from Ohio. Amidst all the corn fields who would of known that the gears for the Mars rover “Curiosity” were made just down the road? Unlike NASA the studio was hit pretty hard by the recession and deciding to produce the planters in Roscoe has put talented hands to work again. All planters are packaged in custom boxes that require no plastic or Styrofoam peanuts by Illinois Growth Enterprises, which provides comprehensive vocational services to persons with disabilities.

Available at Good Erdle.

gooderdle_elliot_castgooderdle_elliot_pourgooderdle_elliot_linegooderdle_elliot_circle100%Materials and labor all American.