Foam Mattresses by Yogabed

You probably aren’t looking to do a tree pose on your mattress but stability could be the key to a perfectly relaxed nights rest. Yogabed reduces pressure points by dispersing weight evenly and creating that stability, balance, and comfort. The multi-tier layers all work together in harmony to get you to sleep and rest assured they are all poured and assembled in Newman, GA. Yogabed is low VOC and the materials are made from CertiPUR-US® certified components that are made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, formaldehyde, mercury, lead and other heavy metals. In addition to sleeping better and more responsibly Yogabed gives you 2 of their pillows with each purchase.

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Etsy – Knited Scarves by Yokoo Gibraan

Yokoo Gibraan’s work is as fascinating as her work ethic and way of living. She has single handedly worked her way with two diligently working hands from bedroom knitter to being featured in the New York Times. Now with thousands of sales she spends 8-9 hours per day powering through her orders completely by herself and there is a reason for such demand. Her scarves are bold in texture, shape, and scale. Looking at them reminds you of cuddling up on a cold winter day and they invite you to become part of an experience that is more than just fashion. They stand out as more than just an accessory that ties together an outfit, but as the piece that defines the outfit and functions how you might expect…keeping things toasty.

Available from the Yokoo on Etsy.

Blood Root Blades

Southern Soul for Your Bitchin' Kitchen

Self-proclaimed foodies know that being a foodie isn’t just about eating well. There is a design to good food a love component and a process. It starts with quality ingredients; manipulated at the hands of genius, insanity or both; and ends in the passion of consumption. And this is why you won’t find an IKEA knife in the kitchen of a true foodie. No more would a sex guru take a romp in crummy sheets than a true lover of food prepare a meal with a subpar saber. And if cooking is the foreplay of eating, Blood Root Blades will make you hot around the collar.

Indulge your carnal culinary side with one of Blood Root Blades’ crazy sexy knives. They boast a line of kitchen and field knives that are both practical and beautiful. Hand-crafted from found materials such as recovered saw blades, shipwreck wood, tools, and antlers, these knives are not only sustainable, but sturdy as heck. Because Blood Root creates cutlery from upcylced material, each one is hand-forged (not just selected from a stock pile and then ground down to exacter dimensions). The knife then goes through a veritable butcher boot camp in order to deliver you with one of the finest blades this side of a shoe string french fry.

And while the kitchen knives are probably the most useful offerings by the Blood Root boys, they are also the proud artisans of a shavings razors, field knifes, axes, and a variety of other tools.  Perhaps most notable of their creations is the line of Legacy Pieces. While almost all of Blood Root Blades are custom-made, the Legacy Pieces are even further personalized. Each of these knives is created using materials precious to the future owner. This takes the “heirloom” trend to a whole new level.

Materials and labor all American.


Towels by G.U.S.


Go into any store that sells home goods and chances are you will encounter a wall of towels with things that say “Luxury” and “Egyptian cotton” all on the same tag. Chances are they are also all most likely made in countries close to those so called luxury overseas cotton blends. Towels by G.U.S. , an off-shoot of online retailer Great Useful Stuff, offers some of those cotton blends and is pretty transparent about where the towels they are selling are made. Fortunately, they have two completely American made options that are both luxurious and functional. Their hotel collection is made with 100% American cotton grown in the south with organic and non-organic options that are soft, absorbent, and durable. The towels are manufactured by 1888 mills in Griffin, Georgia which employs around 200 people and also employs a number of environmentally conscious practices that include harvesting rain water and recapturing steam generated in the manufacturing process. The mill also participates in the Department of Energy’s Save Energy Now program which aims to reduce manufacturers’ energy consumption by 25% over the next decade.


Available at Towels by G.U.S.

The link above is to the American made collection.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Deadstock by Ruell and Ray

For family, country , and denim.

Endless piles of jeans. Seems like when we look into the future, no matter what, there will always be aisles of fresh produce and fresh raw denim for us to choose from. Did we ever stop to think that all that raw denim might not extend endlessly around the planet for eternity? Ashley James certainly did when she started making jeans for men that were inspired by two men straight from her family tree. Her grandfather and great grandfather, one a cotton farmer and the other an Air Force pilot, inspired the branding but family and heritage run in the blood of these jeans.

Everything is made and sourced in the fifty with the exception of some of the denim. The thread is from North Carolina  the hand-branded leather from Chicago, and the buttons in Georgia from one of the oldest button manufactures in the country that adorned uniforms for top brass in since the Civil war. The denim can come from the famous North Carolina supplier Cone Mills or from the Kuroki and Kurabo Japanese mills. Dead stock fabric is fabric that is no longer in production, sitting in a warehouse corner until it makes its way through Ashley’s talented hands and into a pair of Deadstock jeans. Less new orders of denim means less stress on the environment and smaller crafted batches of jeans. Ruell and Ray also is a part of 1% for the Planet giving 1% of their revenue to an environmental group of their choice.

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