Work Surfaces by Baltix

Eco-friendly as it gets at your desk.

Isn’t it your lifelong goal to work in a cubicle breathing in the toxic chemicals surrounding you on the carpeted walls? Well if you happen to be one of the few that doesn’t then Baltix has a number of office desks, conference tables, and work surfaces that incorporate a wide range of sustainable features. Their tables are made from renewable materials not formaldehyde and petroleum-based materials using computer driven technology to produce less waste. This all happens in their Excelsior, Minnesota factory where many of the materials are sourced close by.

(Clockwise) Richlite, Nuxite, Lamboo, ShetkaStone, Forbo Linoleum, and Bamboo

From materials like Richlite which is a highly compressed paper that is hard as stone and made in the U.S. to Nuxite which is made from walnut shells in Minnesota the options are endless. Other materials include Bio laminate and Forbo laminate made from natural ingredients like soy, corn, wood flour, flax and pine resin. There are also a couple of bamboo materials that are of course highly renewable. The core of each table is made from MDF, plywood, or a special honeycomb core that is super light weight and up to any heavy duty task. Surfaces are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, functionality, and with a number of base options made from materials like recycled steel and aluminum.

Available from Baltix.