Picnic Bag / Blanket by Yield Design Co.

It's everything you need to go picnicking in one.

The classic image of unfurling a picnic blanket on a lush lawn just got updated. Yield Design Co. has rethought the outdoor experience to include a start to finish all-in-one bag that unzips to convert to a pleasant picnicking surface. Each is made from camping-grade nylon fabric and a nylon zipper and there are modern colorful options to boot. The first run that was funded on Kickstarter was manufactured in El Paso, TX and all future bags including a new Duck Canvas line are made just outside of Minneapolis, MN all from domestically sourced materials from New England. While your fantasies of picnicking might not be the same they will certainly be dreamy in a more sustainable smart kind of way.

Available from Yield Design Co.

100%Materials and labor all American.