Fausto Stool by Fin Art Co

Denver based Fin Art Co has spent some time designing restaurants and spaces where you will want to pull up a chair. Their One Collection of home furnishings gives you a couple of seats to grab but, if you have a high table or bar then their Fausto stool is your one and only. Made of a powder-coated steel frame and your selection of walnut or maple cushioning, this stool stands out with a simple industrial but warm look.

Available from Fin Art Co.


Modular Shelving by Housefish

It’s pretty hard to figure out exactly the right number of shelves you need at a glance or to predict your future shelving needs. That’s why Housefish has made a colorful, flexible, modular, and modern storage system that is just right anytime. The Key modular collection features 3 different units built from veneered baltic birch that is FSC certified and colored doors painted with zero VOCs. They are made to assemble fast and stack in any number of combos. Each is built in the Housefish studio in Denver.

Available from Housefish.

100%Materials and labor all American.