Tote Bags by Gia Rodriguez

Wasn’t that show “Dallas” all about the Texas spirit? Actually, to the contrary Dallas designer and entrepreneur Gia Rodriguez is a better example of what a little Texas ingenuity and perseverance can create. She has taken inspiration from her state to craft some pretty eye-poppin arm candy. Each of her bags is made from either cow hide or sheep skin from Hide House (San Dimas and Napa, CA) which are dyed brilliant colors. They are made in studios both in Dallas and Queens, NY. When asked how her surrounds and upbringing have inspired her line she says:

“It’s interesting because when people think of Texas, they obviously think of cowboys, chaps, spurs, etc… There’s also a strong Native American influence on Texas culture. I think all of these cultural references have affected my aesthetic in subtle ways… I love using thick sturdy hides, design details like exaggerated fringe detail… in new and interesting ways.  Also, when I’m designing, I’m usually thinking about how a women will use the piece and often there is some connection to travel/ adventure as part of that vision.”


These bags got beauty and function to boot. You will definitely look great in any state and won’t need to drop oil money sums on these gems.

Available at Gia Rodriguez.