Olithas Outdoor Furniture by Concretehaus

Olithas_ConcretehausConcrete has become one of the more popular sustainable materials to compliment any modern home. Concretehaus has cast the Olithas outdoor furniture set in its collection of well designed and made concrete creations. They have the art of casting concrete down to a science and that comes naturally being an extension of the company Meld, a company known for their innovative concrete materials for architectural purposes. The concrete pieces are cast individually in Raleigh, NC and married with their minimal but strong stainless steel bases. Those bases need to be strong because each bench weighs over 100 lbs and each table over 200 lbs.

Table – 54″ x 34.75″ x 29.75″
Bench – 54″ x 17″ x 18″(seat height) 20.5″(back height)

Available from Concretehaus.

Olithas_ConcretehausOlithas_ConcretehausOlithas_Concretehaus100%Materials and labor all American.

Hexed Candle Holders by Objeti

Hexed_ObjetiObjeti and 2nd Shift Studio, two small modern design shops based in Cleveland collaborated on these hexagonal pieces of beauty. They are made from concrete and steel in varying heights and colors to create a variety of displays. They also provide extra functionality with the ability to hold tea light candles and candle sticks. Each is made in the Objeti studio in Cleveland.

Available at Objeti.

Hexed_ObjetiHexed_Objeti100%Materials and labor all American.