Concrete Knobs by Kast

Why stop with the concrete on your counters? Kast Knobs has taken that modern and environmentally friendly material and put in your hands in some of the most attractive casts that will adorn your drawers or cabinets anywhere in the house. There are more styles than you can count on 2 hands and each is design and cast in Cleveland.

Available from Kast Knobs.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Men’s Knitwear by Ohio Knitting Mills

For three generations the Stone-Rand family operated a bustling mill in Cleveland responsible for making knitwear for names like Sears and Saks. When the mass exodus of clothing manufacturing overseas happened the mill had to shut its doors and hundreds of jobs were lost. Designer Steven Tatar has dug back into the mill’s closet to find all of those vibrant and colorful patterns and is now bringing back that history with an updated fit and look. Tatar and his crew of designers in Cleveland have partnered with other American companies like Kraemer Yarns in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, Tiger buttons in NYC, and Fleck Knitwear in Plainfield New Jersey to bring a new brand to life. Currently the men’s line is all that is offered but, plans for a women’s line are also on the table.

Available from Ohio Knitting Mills.

100%Materials and labor all American.

Athletic Socks by New Balance

Socks might come in second when making the decision of what bright new pair of running shoes to take flight in but there are a few New Balance pairs that bring together style and technology to make all the difference. Unlike 100% cotton socks the Minimus sock is made from 97% Nylon and 3% Lycra® Spandex which makes it super light and has built in cushioning for the right striking areas. The Hydrotec sock includes Delcron Hydrotec fiber that helps wick moisture along with vented panels to help with airflow. The standard Low Cut sock is made from 56% Polyester, 34% Nylon, 9% Acrylic and 1% Lycra® Spandex and like all of the other socks mentioned is reinforced in the heel and toe and includes cushioning in just the right spots. A lot more technology in these socks that you might think but it goes a long way towards a better run. All are manufactured by a contracted company call Renfro that was selected by New Balance because of their domestic production capabilities.

Available from New Balance.

Hexed Candle Holders by Objeti

Hexed_ObjetiObjeti and 2nd Shift Studio, two small modern design shops based in Cleveland collaborated on these hexagonal pieces of beauty. They are made from concrete and steel in varying heights and colors to create a variety of displays. They also provide extra functionality with the ability to hold tea light candles and candle sticks. Each is made in the Objeti studio in Cleveland.

Available at Objeti.

Hexed_ObjetiHexed_Objeti100%Materials and labor all American.