Recycled Glass and Clay Tile by Fireclay Tile

Nothing like building a home to create a big stomping footprint. So many raw materials to make decisions on and if you are trying to take that footprint down a few sizes Fireclay tile offers a wide range of recycled tile to cover the floors and walls of your space. They take post-consumer materials like granite dust, porcelain, tile, and industrial grade glass to re-form and re-fire tile that is 70% recycled clay or 100% recycled glass. The recycled clay is shaped into a variety of classic basics, visually entertaining contemporary patterns, and more intricate cuts which are glazed and hand painted in a rainbow of colors. If you choose to work with glass you will also find a number a beautiful hues and shapes to play with as well. All products are made and shipped (of course with recycled boxes) out of Aromas, California.

Available from Fireclay Tile.

High & Tight Stool by Micklish

Clean cut design leaves you reminiscent of the barbers chair while dropping some serious architectural knowledge on you here. The High & Tight stool incorporates a cantilevered design which, you may have heard about on that family planned architectural boat tour or it may have brushed your ear in some enlightening small talk at the holiday party. Turns out this shit works and in this case its holding your tush up over some beautiful pieces of walnut and blackened steel put together in such a way that you can brag about a miniature architectural masterpiece inside your home.

Available from Micklish.


Cork And Hardwood Canisters from Melanie Abrantes

Designer Melanie Abrantes has connected with her Portuguese roots by selecting cork as one of her signature materials. Sustainably sourced from Portugal cork is antibacterial and porous making it the perfect material for use in this selection of dry goods bowls. She has paired the vessels with locally sourced walnut and cherry offered in a range of sizes. Each is hand crafted in her Oakland studio.

Available from Melanie Abrantes.

Flora Sofa by Michael Felix

The Flora sofa is a clash of California style and Scandinavian style. With down and feather wrapped seating in a luxurious section of leathers and Kvadrat fabrics combined with over stuffed curves this sofa puts comfort at the top of the list with looks also at the top. At the bottom are over-sized wooden dowel feet and base made from a selection of white oak, walnut, or maple. Each is hand made in Chino, California.

Available from Michael Felix.

Octadedron tables by Eric Trine

Oh geometry, why must you be so pretty? Eric Trine has brought out the best in you with lo fi polygon outlines that shift and morph at every angle. Making you pop with bright powder-coated colors that compete with nature’s best dress and able to resist her fury. Octadedrons never looked so good and if you are looking for a table to show off then you just got lucky.

Available from Eric Trine.


Athletic wear from Pistol Lake

I’ve always wanted to turn my used plastic bottles into new threads and now Pistol Lake is making that dream come true. Using a fabric they call Eudae, a yarn created by combining polyester made from recycled bottles with Tencel which is a fiber made from the pulp of Eucalyptus trees grown on PEFC-certified, sustainably run farms. The result is athletic wear that is soft but performs like a champ giving you breathability, stretch, and some very well placed pockets to hold your tech or keys. All these eco-conscious and minimalist threads are coming to you from L.A.

Available on Kickstarter from Pistol Lake.

Recycled Yoga Mats by Süga

I would imagine there to be a ubiquitous Southern Californian dream of catching radical waves while in a Vinyasa higher state of relaxation. In Encinitas, the surfing and yoga heart of the state and possibly the country, a small brand called Süga is making that a little more of a reality. Süga takes old used wet suits and gives them new life as a killer yoga mat. The neoprene material is antimicrobial, spongy, and grips well making it perfect for those sweaty yoga sessions where visions of the ocean guide you.

Available from Süga.

Gym/Work Bag by DSPTCH

If you are that person running off to the gym at lunch or if your gym / work schedule is a little crammed then this is the bag for you. There are places to keep sweaty shoes ventilated, laptops dry, and even a false bottom secret place for…..things. Each is made of moisture-resistant nylon packcloth in San Francisco and the DSPTCH retail space can be found right in the Mission.

Available from DSPTCH.