Signal Pendant By Souda

This isn’t the sexiest fucking UFO you have ever seen. That isn’t some sort of tractor beam. It’s LEDs surrounded by a spun metal shade and polished central stem made from your choice of copper, blackened nickel, or brass and powder coated white steel. Each is assembled in Brooklyn using pieces made in Texas and Pennsylvania.

Available from Souda.

3D Printed Rings by OBJCTS

Long gone are the days of 3D printing little pieces of plastic to fill our desks. So many more materials are being used to create whatever our minds and 3D software can throw at them. Objcts out of Brooklyn has designed this series of simple shapes to bejewel your hands by using a 3D printed model to cast a mold. Each design can by cast in a number of different metals and they are all finished right down the road in Queens.

Available from Objcts.

chair[dot]multi-ply by Daniel Moyer Design

Chair[dot]multi-ply by Daniel Moyer combines his mastery of wood joinery with a whimsical use of industrious wing nuts, screws and bolts that hold together this mash-up of materials but leave room for play. One look at this piece takes you back to school on the classic building blocks of a chair but, its details push it ahead of its class. Multi-ply hard wood planes meet powder-coated ergonomic curved cold rolled steel that sit on legs that anchor and balance. Check out how its made in Brooklyn here.

Available from Daniel Moyer Design.


NO…this is no where near an Ikea chair so get that out of your head. Instead think of the Scandinavian country side and Kentucky stables. The GÄRDESGÅRD lounge chair gets its name from a style of fencing that inspired its design. A design that has a unique sense of an earlier time in the modern day and a look of motion with stability and permanence. The metal is finished with wood reclaimed from Kentucky fencing. At the center of it all is a leather seat that makes one luxurious saddle that is made right in Brooklyn.

Available from Uhuru.

Sofa by Token

Brooklyn-based design studio Token has built one throne of a sofa with their signature rustic-industrial mod flavor. Maharam fabrics cover the cushions sitting atop a sheet of steel with a patina finish. Hardwoods deck out the trim and add an additional layer of warmth. Hard lines and structure give way to plush comfy seating you can stay planted in.

Available from Token.

Fischer Clothing – Success starts with pattern.

Designer Kristina Angelozzi now has 4 years of men’s and women’s ready-to-wear collections that showcase her talent for creating with fabrics and patterns that are timeless pieces of art. Like a perfectly designed piece of furniture anchoring an otherwise blank space, each Fischer garment is what brings an outfit to life. In her current collections you will find rich multicolored patterns that are characteristic of the ikat weave technique originating in Central and South America plus fabrics that are meticulously hand block printed. The fabrics are sourced from around the world and start with all natural materials like cotton with bits of wool, linen, and hemp. Everything is designed, cut, sewn, and shipped from New York city although Kristina is taking operations a little further south soon.

Available from Fischer with list of stockists.

St. Charles Table by Volk

Moved by the discovery of a side chair in an attic fashioned by his great-great-great-great-grandfather, Brian Volk-Zimmerman set out to make a modern furniture collection that would live up to his family name in the business. With touches of the past and a whole lot and fresh design, Volk carries on the tradition of beautiful woodwork. One of the centerpieces of the collection that would make the centerpiece of any living space is the St. Charles coffee table. The table top is made of solid white oak that has a rich coffee finish and is inset with a piece of laminated glass. The glass breaks up the naturally warm wood with its hard lines and also serves as a very functional piece for placing drinks and vessels without having to fear water circles. Underneath is a base of steel coated in copper that adds depth and richness. The table is handmade in the VOLK Brooklyn studio.

Available from VOLK.

100%Materials and labor all American.