Blood Root Blades

Southern Soul for Your Bitchin' Kitchen

Self-proclaimed foodies know that being a foodie isn’t just about eating well. There is a design to good food a love component and a process. It starts with quality ingredients; manipulated at the hands of genius, insanity or both; and ends in the passion of consumption. And this is why you won’t find an IKEA knife in the kitchen of a true foodie. No more would a sex guru take a romp in crummy sheets than a true lover of food prepare a meal with a subpar saber. And if cooking is the foreplay of eating, Blood Root Blades will make you hot around the collar.

Indulge your carnal culinary side with one of Blood Root Blades’ crazy sexy knives. They boast a line of kitchen and field knives that are both practical and beautiful. Hand-crafted from found materials such as recovered saw blades, shipwreck wood, tools, and antlers, these knives are not only sustainable, but sturdy as heck. Because Blood Root creates cutlery from upcylced material, each one is hand-forged (not just selected from a stock pile and then ground down to exacter dimensions). The knife then goes through a veritable butcher boot camp in order to deliver you with one of the finest blades this side of a shoe string french fry.

And while the kitchen knives are probably the most useful offerings by the Blood Root boys, they are also the proud artisans of a shavings razors, field knifes, axes, and a variety of other tools.  Perhaps most notable of their creations is the line of Legacy Pieces. While almost all of Blood Root Blades are custom-made, the Legacy Pieces are even further personalized. Each of these knives is created using materials precious to the future owner. This takes the “heirloom” trend to a whole new level.

Materials and labor all American.