Recycled Glass and Clay Tile by Fireclay Tile

Nothing like building a home to create a big stomping footprint. So many raw materials to make decisions on and if you are trying to take that footprint down a few sizes Fireclay tile offers a wide range of recycled tile to cover the floors and walls of your space. They take post-consumer materials like granite dust, porcelain, tile, and industrial grade glass to re-form and re-fire tile that is 70% recycled clay or 100% recycled glass. The recycled clay is shaped into a variety of classic basics, visually entertaining contemporary patterns, and more intricate cuts which are glazed and hand painted in a rainbow of colors. If you choose to work with glass you will also find a number a beautiful hues and shapes to play with as well. All products are made and shipped (of course with recycled boxes) out of Aromas, California.

Available from Fireclay Tile.