Recycled Glass and Clay Tile by Fireclay Tile

Nothing like building a home to create a big stomping footprint. So many raw materials to make decisions on and if you are trying to take that footprint down a few sizes Fireclay tile offers a wide range of recycled tile to cover the floors and walls of your space. They take post-consumer materials like granite dust, porcelain, tile, and industrial grade glass to re-form and re-fire tile that is 70% recycled clay or 100% recycled glass. The recycled clay is shaped into a variety of classic basics, visually entertaining contemporary patterns, and more intricate cuts which are glazed and hand painted in a rainbow of colors. If you choose to work with glass you will also find a number a beautiful hues and shapes to play with as well. All products are made and shipped (of course with recycled boxes) out of Aromas, California.

Available from Fireclay Tile.

Buckwheat Pillow by Hullo

Memory foam, latex, micro-beads, synthetic down…all the toxic off-gasing materials we snuggle up to is a nightmare. The old-fashioned alternatives you might guess but, buckwheat hulls probably don’t every come to mind. Firm yet malleable, breathable, and all-natural the Hullo might just be the key to your dream pillow. The buckwheat hulls are grown, milled and air-cleaned in North Dakota. The Dunlap zippers are manufactured in Tennessee, the labels are woven and printed in New York and Colorado, and the outer fabric shell containing Hullo‚Äôs buckwheat fill is manufactured in Michigan giving this pillow the all- American stamp of approval.

Available from Hullo.

High & Tight Stool by Micklish

Clean cut design leaves you reminiscent of the barbers chair while dropping some serious architectural knowledge on you here. The High & Tight stool incorporates a cantilevered design which, you may have heard about on that family planned architectural boat tour or it may have brushed your ear in some enlightening small talk at the holiday party. Turns out this shit works and in this case its holding your tush up over some beautiful pieces of walnut and blackened steel put together in such a way that you can brag about a miniature architectural masterpiece inside your home.

Available from Micklish.


Patchwork Credenzas from Kith&Kin

In the flat plains of the the Texas pan handle where only tumbleweed rolls you might need to get a little creative when it comes to finding material to work with. These mixed species credenzas do just that by creating a patchwork of different colors, grains, and stains. Each one is unique, customizable, and thoughtfully laid out with a variety of drawers and storage spaces in cased in matching hardwood, lacquered wood, or blackened steel. Finishes like blackened steel pulls and hairpin legs give these pieces a true western flavor.

Available from Kith&Kin.


L-series Tables by Assembly Design

This playful and simple series of tables and consoles get in touch with your inner mid-century Scandinavian child. Made with beautifully rounded and sanded hardwood, the grain is fully featured either unfinished or lacquered in bright colors. Bloated or straight dowel legs complete each structure that graciously takes a back seat to your objects, photos, or decor.

Available from Assembly Design.



Handmade Glass Pendants by Niche

An hour or so outside of NY along the Hudson is the quaint artist community of Beacon. A place perfectly situated between the very best of modern design, turn-of-the century industrial space, and old world craftsmanship. Niche is at the heart of that creating, manufacturing, and finishing a line of blown glass pendants in a variety of shapes that will set any space apart.

Available from Niche.


Shelving System by Artifox

It’s not often that Facebook advertisements make me look twice but, in this case a simple little shelving system had me clicking away. With it’s minimalist design and endless configuration possibilities made possible by a few well thought out accessories the aptly named “shelf” by Artifox is ready to go to work out of the box. It will hold your books, plants, keys, electronics, and even your dreams because you can write on the damn thing. Familiar materials like maple, walnut, and steel are all sourced and put together right near St. Louis.

Available from Artifox.


Cortado Coffee Table by Harkavy Furniture

It’s a little hard to avoid being inspired by java in the pacific northwest. So in addition to helping fuel brothers Wesley and Dylan Harkavy’s obsession with skate boards and surf boards, coffee also pushed them through so many build hours working with richly stained boards of walnut that go into their appropriately named Cortado Coffee table. The piece share two levels of surface space between both wood and steel that define it’s split structural design and material selection. Handmade in Oregon and delivered to your home ready to accommodate your morning french press.

Available from Harkavy Furniture.


Adventure Duffle by D’emploi

Clean design, a lifetime of wear, and all American made and sourced are just a few features you get with this heavy duty duffle by D’emploi. The blacked-out monochrome keeps a cornucopia of compartments hidden for your things while standing out with sophistication. Each bag is constructed in NY on a Depression-era Singer and the materials come from close-by. This bag will have your back in adventures for a long time to come.

Available from D’emploi.


Fausto Stool by Fin Art Co

Denver based Fin Art Co has spent some time designing restaurants and spaces where you will want to pull up a chair. Their One Collection of home furnishings gives you a couple of seats to grab but, if you have a high table or bar then their Fausto stool is your one and only. Made of a powder-coated steel frame and your selection of walnut or maple cushioning, this stool stands out with a simple industrial but warm look.

Available from Fin Art Co.