Sweaters by Appalatch

You might not think of the finding leading edge garment technology in the Appalachian mountains but the aptly named Appalatch founders launched a Kickstarter with dreams of 3D printing the world sweaters made from start to finish in the U.S. It all starts with a German-made machine by Stoll that like a Makerbot 3D printer or CNC wood router is capable of automating knitting in 3 dimensions. Incredible machine aside, where it really starts is with the 2 creators of Appalatch who were passionate enough about domestic production that they made sure their wool came from sheep in Montana, their organic cotton from Texas, and their finished sweaters were dyed and sewn in their home state of North Carolina. The result is an incredibly well made and well designed sweater in 2 timeless styles for both men and women.

Available from Appalatch.

100%Materials and labor all American.

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