Solid Cologne by Fulton & Roark

Yes ladies and gents, it’s another innovation in everyday life through science. Listen up fellas. No more are the days of carrying around those bulky and fragile fragrance bottles. Thanks to microcrystalline wax and the smart thinking of the Fulton & Roark crew you can now easily stash away solid scents that you can apply with just the tips of your fingers. On the outside is an incredibly attractive and sturdy solid aluminum case that swings open in one hand and feels like you are conjuring the spirit of James Dean opening a Zippo. No flame necessary here, only the heat of your fingers that liquify the wax so that you can apply it and enjoy the crisp clean masculine fragrance literally shaped and molded by the Fulton & Roark team down in Winston-Salem, NC.

Available from Fulton & Roark.

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