Skis and Snowboards by RAMP

The perfect powdery white stuff is made in the heights of Utah so it makes perfect sense that you could be making top quality skis and snowboards in the same state. Skis and boards that are used by Olympians and pros from all around. Aside from the flashy exteriors and famous owners RAMP skis and boards have a softer and even richer inside. Their cores are made from FSC certified bamboo that is wrapped in Kevlar, sealed in a U.S. sourced pine based “super sap” that is much safer to work with, vacuum pressed to ensure a solid evenly compressed structure, and capped off with thermoplastic bases from Ohio. So if you are headed to Sochi or the Rockies hit up Park City, Utah first. Check out this video on how things are made there.

Available from RAMP.

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