Skateboards by Buddy Carr

Go Speedracer Skateboard!


If the Dogtown and Z-boys crew took over the 24 hours of Le Mans then they would certainly have Buddy Carr boards under their feet. Buddy Carr, a veteran of the skateboarder scene and creative director / designer Antonio Carusone have teamed up to create these vibrant, graphic, and bodacious boards. Each one is hand pressed, screen-printed, and crafted in California. Each model starts with pressed plys of Canadian maple for the shape. For support underneath different trucks have been chosen and almost all of them are manufactured in the U.S. (Buck Trucks and Independent Trucks). The wheels are also American made, using the highest grade urethanes and specific formulations for speed and traction. Speaking of traction, the top of the decks feature laser cut grip tape that create killer stripes. I think I might have a hard time taking one of these out to do a flip kick onto a hand rail for fear of messing up the board, but I think my own health would be better off too given my skating skillz level.

Available from Buddy Carr.


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