Removable Patterns and Decals by Blik

It's a new "no hassle" surface.

So you spent your entire weekend scraping away at that glued on paper just to be able to repair some drywall, prime, and start with a clean slate. We would understand your hesitation to cover those walls again. Fortunately, Scott Flora and Jerinne Neils had the same conundrum and rather than taking the easy way out and slapping on a coat of paint they decided to make something new that would make all of their interior design dreams come true. The result was a removable vinyl application capable of displaying a number of colors and intricate designs.

Blik offers wall tiles that will cover any section large or small in patterns that make statements bigger than Johnnie Cochran. They also have a number of fun decals that can turn any space into a page out of a kids storybook or a screen from your favorite classic Atari game. They have also teamed up with a number of artists like Keith Haring and Carnovsky and design shops like Threadless to put out some pieces that might make you think you live in a gallery.

They don’t just stop at walls. You can apply these to that piece of furniture that is just sitting in drabness and needs to be made over as bad as unsuspecting guests who meet Stacy and Clinton. The best part is like clothes you can take them off without worry about what you will find underneath. Maybe that just goes for the stickers.

Every piece is printed and packaged in the Blik space in Los Angeles.

Available from Blik.


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