Recycled Military Surplus Bags by Sword and Plough

Used by soldiers, made by soldiers, re-used by civilians.

There are a lot of civilians out there carrying and wearing on the streets what the military has inspired in the field, but those two different worlds just came together in a much bigger way. Officer Emily Núñez wanted to give back to her fellow soldiers in need and honor her family military history. Armed with spirit, smarts, and style Emily founded Sword & Plough, an accessory and bag collection made from re-used military surplus materials. Decommissioned parachutes, tents, and sleeping bags are cut, sewn, and fashioned into fashionable items worthy of the most style conscious shoulders. More important than that is the social impact that comes from veterans earning a working salary from crafting these pieces. Sword & Plough has partnered with Green Vets L.A., a non-profit that gives veterans overcoming injuries and trauma an opportunity to earn a living salary. Check out their Kickstarter to get in on pre-retail sales and just an all around fantastic deal.

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