Remade Gun Metal Jewelry by Liberty United

Peter Thum, founder of Liberty United, is no stranger to starting something that brings about meaningful change. He first started with a bottled water company you might of heard of. Ethos has raised more than $7 million in grants for water and sanitation programs across the globe. Thum then set his sights on reducing the impact of gun violence by taking seized assault rifles and small arms in Africa and other countries and recycling the metal into jewelry and art pieces. That was the inspiration behind bringing that same effort back home. Liberty United has partnered with a few communities which provide unused ammunition and seized firearms from the area to be remade into jewelry. Artist Philip Crangi has designed a collection of rings, bracelets, and necklaces that take inspiration from the railroad. Each piece is hand forged in his New York studio and is available in metal options from melted bullet casings, melted gunmetal, gunmetal and silver, or black gunmetal and gold. They are individually stamped with the serial numbers from the guns that they are made from. In turn part of the proceeds go back to organizations and programs that help remove illegal guns from the streets.

Available from Liberty United.

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