Radius iPhone case by mod-3


When you look at how perfectly integrated into the iPhone’s minimal design and how structurally sound and beautiful this case is, if you can call it a case, then it all makes sense that it was thought up by a graduate of the Harvard school of design. Hendra Bong, set out to solve the problems of unwieldy iPhone cases that just get in the way of the aesthetic of the phone itself and with one Kickstarter production was set in place. Made from only a few pieces of machined¬†aluminum and stainless steel screws the Radius weights only .115 ounces and is said to protect your phone from light bumps and falls. Considering how much more in love you will be with the looks of your iPhone with one of these on I think the babying that will ensue will be more than enough to keep your phone in tact.

Available from mod-3.

radius_frontradius_scale100%Materials and labor all American.


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