Mattresses by Somnium

Better design = better sleep

Somnium_Mattress_ComponentsGone are the days of huge heavy mattresses with metal inside and flimsy toxic foam. Enter a different approach that combines sleek European style, light weight and durable cradle to cradle materials, and a unique structure. Somnium Beds was started by a former gymnast and a former swimmer who when they moved to the U.S. were both looking for a mattress that promoted better recovery for the beatings athletic bodies take and for a modern design, but ended up having to come up with their own.


Rather than one big piece that you might see in a land-fill Somnium beds are made from three separate components. The springs are specially engineered and designed in two firmness grades to allow for a flexibility and support that tunes itself to an individual’s body. The springs are made from the highest grade TPEE (Thermoplastic Polyether-Ester Elastomer) and can be recycled.



Somnium_FoamThey allow for a slim profile and are padded on each side with a non-toxic hypo-allergenic foam that provides cushion, structure, and promotes air flow. The foam is covered in a rayon-based, removable, and easy to clean surface that also promotes breath-ability and is free of harmful chemicals.


All that’s left are the many good nights of sleep to come. The cover is made in North Carolina and everything is assembled in California. The springs are imported from Germany.

Available at Somnium.

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