Kitchen Systems by Henrybuilt

A dream modern kitchen built stateside.

What is it with European’s and all their modern kitchen cabinetry? Can we get a little love stateside? Yes we can. Henrybuilt¬†has roots that go back to The Great Depression, but those roots have grown and blossomed into a full line of kitchen and living systems that any modern European home might just get a little jealous over. The company has showrooms in New York and in Seattle where their 40,000 square foot factory is also located. They offer a truly custom service that focuses on design, architecture, and craftsmanship. Systems that are intuitive, design conscious, and make sense for your kitchen experience needs.

As for the cabinets themselves there are a number of woods and laminates available. American Black Walnut, Rift Cut White Oak, Teak, Douglas Fir, Wenge, American Black Cherry, Hickory, and Bamboo are just to name a few. Woods are finished with a low emissions varnish and there is low to no formaldehyde content in the wood panels. Cabinets sit atop equally eco-friendly surfaces such as Corian or a paper and resin product called Paperstone. Even the pulls and knobs are made in Seattle from stainless steel or aluminium.

Available through Henrybuilt.

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