KICKSTARTER – Stock Mfg. Co. Spring/Summer 13 Menswear

Affordability and Democracy in fashion.

Stock Manufacturing Company, a small clothing and accessories company based in Chicago, has brought together local designers, makers, and you for a truly collaborative effort in creating their Spring/Summer collection. They have launched a Kickstarter with a number of backer levels all including some premium goods made right in their 45 year old Chicago factory space. In exchange for your choice of ties, shirts, pocket squares, and hats Stock Mfg. Co will be using the proceeds to make upgrades in their factory facility to keep expanding and creating work. New designs are introduced and put to the test by making you the ultimate creative director. If something doesn’t get enough support then it doesn’t make the cut. Those designs that pass the grade are made with quality materials and techniques and always with an affordable price that won’t make you pass up investing.

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