KICKSTARTER – Dress Shirts by Hucklebury

How much would you pay for a label? Sometimes you might look at a price tag of a “designer” shirt and think there may also be a little piece of gold attached to that label on the collar. Sure, the material is top notch and the fit is sexy but can’t the average guy get that without becoming a servant to the runway? Hucklebury is side stepping all of that magical brand name shit and giving men a dress shirt that is made of quality Egyptian cotton milled in Italy and mother of pearl buttons, has a tailored fit, and comes at a $78 price tag. And, I wouldn’t be telling you about them unless each shirt was made in a 100 year old factory near D.C. A factory that like all other apparel makers has fell on hard times, but is trying to add hours and production back. Hucklebury hopes to be a part of that.

Visit the Hucklebury Kickstarter.

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