Hammers and Hatchets by Hardcore Hammers

Just in case you were a little more distinguished than Kai the hitchhiker, Hardcore Hammers has both hammers and hatchets for the carpenter or woodsman that actually wants a good looking precision tool instead of a blunt force object. It all started with two carpenters and brothers who set out to make a better hammer. Each hammer features a 19 ounce striking head that is literally hardcore and sits atop an extra long hickory handle that helps with driving performance and comfort. The heads also feature a waffled striking surface that reduces chipping and increases gripping and a magnetized nail slot for starting your nails. The hatchets feature equally beautiful pieces of hickory for the handles and a blade that will give you stacks of fire wood before you break a sweat. The hickory comes from Tennessee and milled in Missouri. Hammer heads are from Milwaukee and hatchet heads hail from Illinois. Even the magnets come from California. Every piece is American and all comes together in the small town of Shawnee, Kansas.

Available from Hardcore Hammers.

100%Materials and labor all American

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